Our Everyday.

I had a photo session last weekend so Logan took the boys to get donuts and then to his office to hang out until I was done. Beau was being silly (per usual), I already had my camera, and it doesn’t hurt that Logan’s office is pretty amazing to take look at.


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Our Everyday.

I was solo parenting it one Saturday when Beau started to get a fever. He went down hill pretty quickly and was obvious he didn’t feel good. Leo wanted to be held, Noah wanted my attention and Beau needed me. So hard when one of your babies doesn’t feel well. Especially when you have more than one to take care of and love on.

So what do you do? You stick one in the bath! Beau got to take a mid-day bath in our bathtub, which was different than the norm and it perked him up a bit. Plus gave me a couple hands and some time to give the others attention.


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Our Everyday.

Noah was gone to school one morning when Beau and Leo were being so cute, I had to pull my camera out. I don’t have many photos of just the two of them so I am happy to have these.



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Logan puts the boys to bed most nights. Sometimes Leo and I will sit in there with them to listen to books until I put him down. Bedtime usually goes a little something like this.

Each boy picks out a book to have dad read.

Diaper change for one and a (YOU HAVE TO GO) potty break for one.

Bedtime prayer. Everyone says a prayer request and sometimes Noah will pray. His prayers are so thoughtful and sincere.

Each boy chooses a song. It’s usually a bible song and a made up song. One always ask for BLAZE or PAW PATROL and the other a made up song about IRONMAN and BATMAN.

Kisses. Hugs.

Drinks. They are thirsty.

More Kisses and Hugs.

Now the one we MADE go potty, has to get out of bed (not kidding) 4 different times to go potty. And so then the 2 year old obviously needs to go as well.

Lots of giggling and whispers heard through the monitor.

and then finally they fall asleep. Hallelujah.

And then I look through photos from our day and all I want to do is  wake them up and snuggle them.


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Our Everyday.


Noahs pockets being full of rocks when he comes home from preschool + he is serious about his collection + Where’s Waldo + sweet baby smiles + home-made pizzas + and best of all….daddy getting home from work


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Our Everyday.


Cereal for breakfast  +  Legos  +  Wrestling  +  No more Binky for Beau  + and a 5 month old that likes to roll all over the floor


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Christmas 2016.

Where do I start? This Christmas came and went so fast! It’s always a busy season but this year felt even faster than last.


Christmas morning

Christmas Eve candlelight service (Noah got to sit with us this year)

Christmas with our parents and family

Leo’s first Chritmas

Making oatmeal scotchies with Noah and Beau

Hot cocoa in the car while looking at lights (Noah yelling “Santa Claus, Snowmen!!” and laughing so hard everytime he said it. He cracks himself up, which crack us all up!

Logan made the boys a lego table and thats been a huge hit!

Singing Happy Birthday to Jesus- tradition in our house and the boys love it


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Snow day.

Our first snow of the year and the boys couldn’t wait to get out and play. We got them all bundled up and they play outside forever! They loved it.


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Leo {5 months}

Just a quick little purge of some photos over the last month..or two..or three. I’m not even sure anymore #thirdbaby. At least my photography has gotten better with each boy, so he has that going for him! 😉

Leo is so far our chubbiest little babe.

4 month stats:

14.5 lbs (25%), 25.2 in (45%), 16.1 head circumference (25%)


Them toes are made for kissin’ and I do. A lot.

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Superhero Birthday Party.

It’s fun we get to join the boys birthday parties since they are only 3 days apart. This year they decided on a superhero theme. We also had it at the country clubhouse and got to take advantage of their pool!


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