Maternity Photos.

I absolutely loved how our maternity photos turned out! I had been searching pinterest and different blogs and found these photos that I just fell in love with. You can tell a few of my pics were definitely inspired by them. This was such an incredible time in my life and I am so happy that I have these photos to look back on. I have so many favorites that I am just going to post them all…so get ready for a TON of photos šŸ™‚

TWP_8074 TWP_8132TWP_8122 TWP_8151TWP_8151 TWP_8122

All of the indoor photos were taken inside our home. I loved how personal the photos would be with having them taken in our bedroom.



TWP_8107-Edit TWP_8180

Then we headed outside and got some of my favorites.

TWP_8190 TWP_8246 TWP_8231 TWP_8238 TWP_8279 TWP_8280 TWP_8200 TWP_8206 TWP_8280bw TWP_8219

TWP_8273 TWP_8317

All of these photos were taken by TrishaWray photography.


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