A Day in the Life of a 3 month old.

Hard to believe 3 months have gone by.  Just to forewarn you, I’ll be saying this every month. 🙂 It is true though. Someone told me once…The days may seem long, but the months/years tend to fly by. They sure were right!

IMG_1778 IMG_1757

Sadie always is hanging around us, but I do love it when she cooperates and “smiles” for the camera! Our 2 babies!

IMG_1976 IMG_1814

I love Noah’s sweet little profile. I think it looks like mine, however, everyone else thinks he’s a spitting image of his daddy.

We had a fun month! Noah experienced his first Halloween and gave thanks at his first Thanksgiving. I’ll create separate post for these, since it will be a total photo bomb!

IMG_2029 IMG_2069

Gosh, he IS CUTE! Okay onto what we’ve been up too….

I am a few months behind in writing this, it’s much harder to remember after the fact! I’ll do my best. We are still doing the “eat,wake time,sleep” schedule from “Babywise”. We are nursing every 3 hours, so he is up for 1 1/2 hours then naps for 1 1/2 hours. He does pretty well with this but not as good as last month. We put him down to sleep around 8:30 and typically wake up once a night to nurse. He is still sleeping in his pack n play next to our bed. Even though I am only getting out of bed once to change/feed him, he does wake up more wanting his binky. Sleepily, I roll over to hold his binky in his mouth. Writing this after the fact I see that bad habit I was starting. I do remember on multiple occasions waking up to a crease on my forehead, that hung around until noon, from leaning it on the pack n play while holding that binky in! HA!  I can sleep pretty much anyhow anywhere. 🙂 When you’re a new mom and sleep deprived you really don’t care what you’re doing I guess. At the time I thought he was doing great!

IMG_1999 IMG_1957

You are loving your Sophie and your puppet book!

              IMG_2005 IMG_1969

I do recall thinking that he started to become a lot more fun this month! Growing into a baby and not so much a newborn. I do miss the newness of having a newborn but am loving every new stage!


Noah is loving bath time! He is all smiles the entire time…until we get him out. Then he HATES it. I don’t blame him, it’s cold! It’s like we are running a race trying to get him lotioned up, diaper on, ears cleaned, hair brushed, and dressed! Then he is back to our happy little babe again 🙂

                                              IMG_1931 IMG_1939

I took you out shopping for the first time with Nana. You were so good. We ended up being gone for several hours and you hardly made a peep. I think I have a little shopping buddy on my hands! This was really my first time of planning on nursing you while we are out and about. It was so much better than I thought! We could stay out as long as needed without feeling like I needed to run home to pump/nurse. We got some Christmas shopping done, and it was much-needed time out of the house with Nana!

Lovin on his Nana!
He looks 18, right?!? 🙂

3 Month Stats: You weigh 10 lbs 8 oz (14%), 24.2 in in height (92%), and a head circumference of 38.0 cm (12%)

New tricks: Rolling over-belly to back and back to belly! Wahoo! Smiling more.

Favorite Things: We prop you up in the boppy under your gym mat a lot, Halo Swaddle blankets, California sensitive baby lotion(man, it is expensive though) :/ You had some dry patches and it did clear it up!


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