A day in the life of a 4 month old.

4 Months old. This was a very busy month! Noah celebrated his first Christmas! Separate post on that coming soon!

IMG_2539 IMG_2532

“Hey. what are these things?”                                                 Hands in mouth. ALL.THE.TIME.

It is so amazing to be able to watch him grow and learn. I can just see his little mind turning as he sees and experiences new things. This month he is very into his hands and has started discovering his feet as well. He is getting pretty good at focusing on a toy and being able to figure out how to get it. It almost always ends up in his mouth. 🙂


We still have a long and skinny baby, but he’s getting a little bit of chub on him. I want to pinch those little thighs just looking at these pictures!!

4 month STATS:  You are 11 lbs 13 oz (%), 24.88 in long (%), and have a head circumference of 39.1 cm (%).

I’m still squeezing him into a lot of 0-3 month clothes, however he has grown too long for some of them. I hate to put them away yet, they are so cute and hardly worn! He is definitely still in 0-3 month pants though. I’m afraid he will have short legs, just like his momma.

This month I really feel like I’ve let the schedule go. I’ve had a hard time knowing what is a good schedule for him at this age. He still is eating every 3 hours, and we still do the “eat,play,nap” schedule. So he should be napping every 1.5 hours but sometimes I just feel like that is a lot of sleeping for this stage. Some days he will nap great and others he just isn’t having it. So I have just been really flying by the seat of my pants this month. I don’t think it is working for us though…bedtime is terrible. All of a sudden this month he is waking up often, sometimes every hour or two, throughout the entire night. He’s not going back down easily either, it’s like a 30-1 hour ordeal. NOT good at all for mom and dad. I am such a schedule person, I am planning on nipping this in the butt bud here soon( My husband just informed me the saying is “bud” not “butt”, Who knew?)  I just need to do my research and figure out the best plan for us.


He is still the happiest baby though! Sometimes even when he is LOSING IT he’ll even let out a little giggle. It’s like he’s not sure if he should stay mad or not?! Gotta love the boy!


This just makes my heart melt. Seeing Logan with Noah is so awesome. I can tell how much they love each other, and no one can get Noah to giggle quite like his daddy can! Not even mommy..I know because i seriously try ALL THE TIME. It’s a little embarrassing the extremes you’ll go to just to get a few giggles out. 🙂

New Tricks: Lots of giggling, mastering the art of rolling over(several times in a row).

Favorite things: We still use the gym mat, but your rolling off of it now, Sophie the Giraffe, Zip-up Sleepers(thinking this will be a favorite for many months to come), We started sitting him in his walker also-he loves being able to look around!


Occasionally this will happen now with his gym mat, he’s still all smiles! Our little Roly Poly, not sure how he made it under the ottoman. He is crazy! Despite our challenges with sleeping, this has been a really fun month for all of us!


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