A Day in the Life of a 5 Month Old.

5 Months old, I can’t believe it (I warned you I would say this every month)! Well it’s been another big month for Mr. Noah. A lot of first have happened this month and it’s been a lot of fun!

IMG_2727 IMG_2730

He is such a little wiggle worm, this is what I get now….

IMG_2754 IMG_2756 IMG_2758 IMG_2760

He is so much fun though!

IMG_2764 IMG_2769

Sleeping this month has improved since we cried it out. He is still not sleeping through the night though. I still get up at least once during the night for him to eat. I really don’t mind once a night. We’re up for about 30 minutes and he goes right back to sleep. The hard part is trying to stay awake myself, we both fall asleep in the glider alot. 😦 We usually get him put into his crib around 7ish. I nurse him, read him a few books and then rock him just until his eyes start to look a little heavy. Then in the crib he goes! So he will be in bed from 7pm until somewhere between 6-7am the next morning. Every now and then he still wakes up every 2-3 hours at night…but these are few and far between. I attribute most (not all) of those nights to growth spurts or teething. We have also ditched the swaddling and sleep sack this month. We stopped swaddling when we let him cry it out but continued with the sleep sack. After a couple weeks of that we noticed he was having troubling rolling all the way over and would get frustrated. So we tried a night with nothing and he seemed to do a lot better. He is sleeping on his side and tummy now, which worried me at first, but he is good with rolling over when he wants to. Overall sleeping has improved greatly this month!

IMG_2781 IMG_2790

I’ve always thought too that maybe once he starts on solids that may help with him sleep through the night and we can drop the night feeding. I’m not sure how that will go down…only time will tell!

He looks like such a big boy here!


I think he’s been teething for several months now due to his insane amount of drooling, but this month it has been kicked up a notch. He handles it pretty well but there have been a few nights where I think he has been in some pain. Poor lil’ guy! We have given him tylenol a couple of nights when he has woke up and seemed to be hurting. I can feel his two lower front teeth under his gums, but they haven’t cut through yet. The worst may be yet to come…


We are still going strong with nursing. He has became one distracted baby though! I have to really make him focus, he’s afraid he may miss out on something! There were a few weeks between 4 and 5 months where he decided he wasn’t going to take his bottles anymore. He only gets bottles on Monday’s and Tuesday’s while I work. He never seemed to be real fussy with it, just wasn’t interested. Luckily that only lasted a few weeks and he seems to be taking them a lot better now. He will take 4-5 oz at a time right now.

Β IMG_2504 IMG_2366

I’m not sure how we figured it out but all we have to say is “chug-a-lug-a-lug” and this little guy goes crazy with giggles. Such a goof!


Our sweet little blue eyed boy focusing on his baby praise video. I like to let him watch it every now and then so that I can get a few things done…like eat lunch. πŸ˜‰ He loves it!

All tuckered out!

I had planned out waiting until Noah was 6 months before trying any solid food. When he was a little over 5 1/2 months we thought he showed all the signs that he was ready sooooo we tried out some cereal!

IMG_2800Β IMG_2807

At first he thought it was pretty fun. Until he realized he was supposed to be eating it, then it was all over.

IMG_2800 IMG_2817


Turning his head and tight lips was all I got. So we will wait a couple weeks and try again. I sure do love that messy face though. πŸ˜‰


Our little celebrity made his debut in the local paper this month. I love that we got to use his picture in an ad for his daddy’s office!

5 Months Stats: He weighs 13 lbs (6th percentile), 26.38 inches long ( 88th percentile) and has a head circumference of 40.2cm (9th percentile)

New tricks: blowing raspberries, taking his binky out and trying to put it back in himself and working on sitting up.

Teeth: Really working on his 2 lower centrals

Diapers: Part-time cloth and size 1 disposables

Favorite things: Β Motorola video camera ( this has saved us many trips into his room to check on him) and books. Some favorites are “I love you through and through”, “Goodnight Moon”, and our puppet books. He loves grabbing at the pages.


I can’t get enough of him these days. I just love him so so much.


4 thoughts on “A Day in the Life of a 5 Month Old.

  1. He is so cute and glad to know he has finally figured out hoe to blow raspberries! Nana taught him well- lol. Are you sure he likes the puppet books or are they his momma’s favorite?

  2. I knew from the moment I met this little guy he was gonna be handsome! Adorable pics…thanks for the support onmy page. Night #4 tonight and Gavin cried literally 60 seconds. Both boys slept all night intheir beds last night! Success.

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