Snow Day.

Well I thought maybe we wouldn’t get any, but it finally came. Yup. I’m talking about snow and ALOT of it. I can appreciate a good snow, it can be beautiful. However, a day or two of seeing it and I’m good until the next year.

IMG_3194 IMG_3200

Β Since we were snowed in I decided to get out my camera and play around with it. I grabbed my little model and had a photo shoot in our kitchen. πŸ™‚


Maybe not the little model you expected? πŸ™‚ HAHA. I had to get a picture of our first baby!

IMG_3270 IMG_3266

He is pretty easy to get picture of, such a ham! Looking at this cute face makes me want to get him up from his nap so I can just kiss on him!


I am trying to teach myself how to use our camera. I read online and just try to use manual. This was my first time to use the black and white setting.

IMG_3236 IMG_3233

We love sleepers at our house. Most days this is all he wears! I wonder if they make them in my size? πŸ™‚



I still look at him and just can’t believe that he is a part of me….mostly because he looks just like his dad, HAHA! πŸ˜‰



This is the “Mom, quit taking pictures of me!” look. I did salvage the moment before he completely lost it. Then I got these faces…

IMG_3302 IMG_3309

Those are some ornery faces I do believe! I can only imagine what’s to come with the stories I hear about his daddy. For now he is my sweet boy though!


We got all bundled up and headed outside to play!

IMG_3436 IMG_3425

We weren’t out long, but we had to let Noah experience his first snow!

IMG_3444 IMG_3443

He wasn’t sure about it, but didn’t seem to mind either!


Well, our first snow day was a success! πŸ™‚


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