A Day in the Life of a 6 Month Old.

To think I am the mom of a 6 month old just blows my mind. When I use to hear someone say they had a 6 month old I didn’t think of them as a “little” baby anymore. Now that I have one he is for sure my “little” baby! I still feel like I just had him!

Happy Half Birthday Noah!




IMG_3023 IMG_3010

 Food has become to be SO much fun this month! Shortly after turning 6 months he really started to like his oatmeal. I’m talking full on attacking the spoon. Can’t get it in his mouth fast enough. Head banging in his high chair. He is such a mess! So is his face, hands, outfit, and high chair after he eats.

First time trying avocado. He did NOT like it!

Closer to 7 months he started really liking his sweet potatoes! YAY! We had tried sweet potatoes, avocado, and green beans. None of which he liked! So now it is so fun that he is enjoying eating and I can’t wait to try new foods!


IMG_3122 IMG_3115


YAY! Sweet Potatoes are YUMMY!

Noah is still working on cutting his first tooth. Nothing new here. We’ve sure had some rough days this month because of it. We use the hyland teething tablets and they seem to give him a little relief. Baby tylenol has really gotten us through a couple nights though! Poor baby, I could tell he was hurting…:(


Teething pain=lots of extra snuggles on mom. I’m not complaining.


No teething pain for Tot…she just likes to snuggle. 🙂

Sleeping this month has just recently improved! Once he started liking his “food” I began giving him a vegetable around dinner time. Since then he has slept THROUGH the night! Woot Woot!! 7 pm-6am. Okay I am trying not to get to excited yet, it’s only been 3 nights so far, but I am quietly celebrating.


I love going in to get him when he wakes up. Mornings and naps. He’s so happy!


BIG NEWS!!! Noah repeated his first word this month. 4 times in one day (not any since, but still). Sadly, it wasn’t momma like I hoped it would be. It was dada, which is a close second. 🙂 Dada was pretty proud! I’ll keep working on momma 🙂

IMG_2625 IMG_2626

New Tricks: Repeating words (okay, just one day but it still counts!), we have started trying to teach a little sign language, he is still working on sitting up, I think he will just take off crawling here pretty soon. One of my favorites…he gives me kisses! Leaning in, open mouth kisses. MWAA!

Favorite Things: He loves bath time! We’ve been very happy to have hyland teething tablets and baby tylenol recently.

Hates: Diaper changes. He screams the minute I lay him on the changing table. He looks like a fish out of water the way he throws himself around. For a happy baby he sure knows how to throw a fit!! I’m hoping he grows out of this!

Teeth: 0

Diapers: Cloth, size 2 disposables

6 Month Stats: Weight: 13 lbs 10 oz ( 3%), 26.8 in in length (79%), and a head circumference of 40.75(20%)

Random Photo stragglers

IMG_2639 IMG_2636

IMG_3381 IMG_3408

I love this sweet profile, and Look at all the hair he’s getting!


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