Noah’s Newborn Photos.

I’m about 9 months late with these but better late than never, right?!? Now I am actually thinking about Noah’s one year photos, it’s so crazy to think about all the changes that take place in the first year. I am so happy to have these sweet newborn pictures to help me never forget what our precious baby looked like when we first saw him.


I LOVE all the adorable newborn props, but my favorites are always the plain curled up naked baby pictures.



TWP_9501-2 TWP_9501-2bw

TWP_9669TWP_9669bwTWP_9665TWP_9665bwĀ TWP_9662TWP_9662bw


Get a load of this sweet little smirk…:)


TWP_9682 TWP_9645 TWP_9637

I may be a little obsessed with this picture. One of my favorites for sure. I love all of the emotions that I get from it…


The funny thing is that right after this picture was taken Noah had a very messy “accident.” HAHA brings you right back to the reality of parenthood!

TWP_9556-2 TWP_9563-2bw

The beginning of our life as a family. Such sweet moments that I am so incredibly thankful to have captured in photos.

All photos taken by TrishaWrayPhotography.


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