A Day in the Life of an 8 Month Old.

Guess who’s 8 months old!?! This little stinker!


Not sure where his smile went on this one…he sure does love those little plastic Easter eggs though!



Phewww I can’t believe another month has past. It really seems like a blur. I hate that, but I guess I can’t remember every single minute of every month. I sure try though.

IMG_0084 IMG_0085

Noah is ALL over the place! He is crawling and pulling up on things. It is weird to see him getting around so quick! I feel like I am constantly just chasing after him. It can be exhausting, but I love it! Just within the last few days he has started taking a few steps while holding onto furniture, I’m not ready for that.


This is the difference a couple weeks can make. Just starting to pull up (above picture) to climbing on his toys and standing on them (below picture). I think I may have a little monkey on my hands. So far he has NO fear!


Since he thinks he is such a big boy, he decided to start pulling up in his crib too.


We have lowered his crib twice just this month. Logan lowered it two notches the first time, but I couldn’t handle it. It was just too much too soon. So for my own selfish reasons I had him move it back up one (yes, he thought I was crazy). Which is why the next week…we had to lower it again…and yes, I heard “I told ya so”.


Meet Elliott.


Our new humidifier. I could have bought any humidifier but the cute baby stuff always wins me over. Isn’t he adorable though?!? Unfortunatley we had to get one because Noah had croup this month. It started with a runny nose and turned into a cough from there. It’s not fun having a sick baby, but he really was a trooper. With the exception of letting us use his nose sucker. He still hates that.

Since using the humidifier though it has helped with some dry skin issues we were having with Noah. I had tried several different lotions and creams and nothing helped. It is SOOOO much better since we’ve had Elliott.


It’s been really cute this month watching Noah interact with Sadie. Sadie will sneak in a quick lick of his nose and Noah thinks it is just hilarious. He has started picking up Sadie’s “monk monk” and trying to play with her.


Quite the personality this little boy has. He’s a happy boy, but knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to let us know too.


We have also caught him laughing at himself a couple of times, then he looks at us like “you think I’m funny too, right?”


Somebody was trying to take a bite out of the ottoman. Teething stinks. He has been working really hard on getting his lower 2 teeth and still has nothing to show for it.


I did get in a few naps with him though. I do love the extra snuggles πŸ™‚


8 Month Stats: He weighed 14 lbs 10 ounces when we took him to the doctor for his cough. No other stats this month

His favorite things: His blue toy box that is in our living room. He loves to pull his toys out of it and then try to climb in. πŸ™‚ He also loves to pull cabinets open and destroy whatever he can get out of them.


Diapers: part-time cloth, size 2 disposables

Teeth: Zero.

Food: He is a pretty good eater most the time. He has become a little bit pickier though. He had puffs for the first time and he loves them! He is getting really good at picking them up and putting them in his mouth. He eats 3 meals a day and is nursing every 3-4 hours. He refuses to take a bottle 99% of the time.

Sleeping: It’s been a rough month. Between teething and him being sick for a week we haven’t been getting a lot of consistent sleep. It seems to be improving though, so we’re hoping it stays that way. Naps have been real hit or miss lately too. I’m hoping this is a temporary thing!

Words: We think that he says “Hi”, and he has been working on “buh bye” and waving. He will wave and say “buh” Β but not always on command. It’s pretty cute though.

It is such an amazing feeling to watch your child learn. When you have been working with them on something and then you see them try to do it, it’s awesome. I didn’t know I could be so proud of someone just for clapping their hands or trying to wave. Children definitely make you appreciate the little things.

Random Photo stragglers


He has become very interested in his books. He loves opening and closing them and chewing on them. We read to him every night before bed and he likes to turn the pages…usually the same page over and over again. It’s a good thing by now we know all his books by heart and could recite them in our sleep if we needed to.


Too bad he doesn’t do the laundry.


“Let me out!”


The little squirt and myself. Love this boy so much.

Β IMG_0056


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