Foodie Baby: 9 Months.

Our little foodie baby has an opinion this month. He doesn’t seem to love everything anymore (darnit!). He has become a bit more finicky on what he is eating, still a good eater though. He may gobble something up one week then look at me like a crazy person for trying to feed it to him the next week then eat it again a few days later. He seems to have a few staples that he always likes but his dislikes are in a rotation it seems.

I still use the same basic method for making his food that I wrote about here. He is still eating mostly all purees. I have been trying a few finger foods here and there with just whatever we have available around the house. The purees are easiest for us right now because I can make sure he is getting as many calories as he will take. He is a small % for weight and the doc always mentions he needs more calories (AHHH stresses me out!). I honestly feel like he is just where he needs to be, just will never be a chunky baby. Sorry for the tangent!

I have started giving him puffs this month. I really like the organic plum brand. We have the “greens” one right now but plan to try the other flavors too.


Noah LOVES them! After about a week of giving them to him, he has gotten really good at picking them up and putting them in his mouth. I have also tried giving him chunks of avocado, pears and banana. He struggles with picking them up because they are so slippery but if I put them in his mouth he eats them just fine.

I am a vegetarian who borderlines vegan with a lot of our cooking at home. I don’t plan on giving Noah any meat or dairy for the time being. I’ll try to write a separate post on this soon. So I’ve been researching and trying new foods! ย I have also starting mixing foods together more.


Oatmeal with breast milk. If he is having problems with pooping ( did I really just type out pooping?) I add in an ounce of organic prune juice, it always helps him. I’ve also started giving him organic plain coconut milk yogurt mixed with pureed blueberries.


We just tried this recently and we Noah Loves it. Logan and I decided Coconut milk yogurt taste like a pina colada! Yumm!



He will usually eat a mixture of fruit for lunch. He likes apples (with or without cinnamon), mangos, pears, peaches ( he is off and on with these), bananas and avocado. Today it is carrots and apples!



I have been trying to mix more foods together. One of our usuals lately is a cube of peas, black beans, and a few cubes of sweet potatoes or butternut squash. He always loves sweet potatoes with cinnamon mixed in.

“This better not be plain peas, mom!”


I’m not sure when I will stop giving him purees. I’m not in a huge hurry to be done with them completely, but I am going to try to give him more finger foods or little bits of what we are eating. I’m sure it will get messy interesting real fun! ๐Ÿ™‚

Thank you toย for munchkin meals. This is my first time linking up!


4 thoughts on “Foodie Baby: 9 Months.

  1. He is just adorable! My son used to eat everything then right around 10/11 months started getting a little pickier. Now at almost 2 is much pickier but goes in stages. Some days he likes a food another day he doesn’t. It’s amazing how their little appetites change so much as they grow!

  2. I will try some of those ideas with Jonah. The coconut milk yogurt sounds good. Do you remember how many cubes he was eating around 6-7 months? I am giving Jonah one at breakfast and two for lunch and dinner. He usually seem full towards the end, so I think that is good. Just curious ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. I think 1-2 cubes sounds about right. It was probably between 7-8 months that I started giving him more. Now I always make 4 cubes and usually end up making another 1-2 at dinner. If he is still happily opening for me I just keep making more. The most he’s had I think is 7 cubes and that was just once. I just start off with less because there have been a few times he hasn’t wanted much at all. He has a mind all his own ๐Ÿ™‚

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