A Weekday.

Now that the weather is warming up (a little) Noah and I have been staying pretty busy! Today we met up with a new friend at the zoo!


This was Noah’s first zoo trip!


He loved it! I don’t think he was too interested in looking at all the animals, but he enjoyed watching all the other kids that were running around. I was surprised he stayed awake the whole time! It was fun to get out and walk around the zoo, a great way to enjoy the beautiful morning!

“I give this place a thumbs up, mom”!….Glad to have his approval. πŸ˜‰


We came home and ate lunch and ATTEMPTED a nap. You’d think he’d be worn out. He’s like the stinkin’ energizer bunny, he just keeps going and going.

After a couple failed attempts I nursed him and he fell asleep. He only slept for about 30/45 minutes though. It’s amazing the things a mom can accomplish during a short amount of time. I finished steaming/pureeing/freezing apples, cleaned the bathroom, did laundry and ate lunch myself. Β Then he was up and ready to go again! That boy….

After we got bored with being inside we headed outside to soak up a little vitamin D! I painted my toes and Noah watched.


Trying to eat the polish is WAY more fun, right?!

IMG_0281 IMG_0272 IMG_0261

We love our time outside in the sun! I think it brightens both of our days.

Mommy and baby feet. Love him.


Of course our little tater tot was outside enjoying some sun too!


That night we had our friends over for pizza and to hang out. They brought their little girl over who is 3 months older than Noah. They seemed to have a lot of fun together! Noah is a pretty social baby (for now) and loves to be around/watch other kids.

IMG_0286 IMG_0288IMG_0290

We ended up sticking them both in a bath together after dinner. It was hilarious!!! They would both splash and then just giggle like crazy. They had a blast…and so did we watching them!


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