A Day in the Life of a 9 Month Old.

Our little 9 month old.


It is almost impossible for me to get any pictures anymore of him sitting still.

I break a sweat trying to get these pictures every month. wears. me. out.


It’s funny his hair looks red in these pictures (I think because I had to use my flash?) but it is actually a white blonde!



I have said it so many times this month…but I really am loving this age! He is so much fun right now.

I am no longer lugging his car seat around. He gets to ride in the cart like a big boy! He loves it! He is such a wiggle worm though he has tried to lean over the seat and crawl into the back. I felt like a total mom failure when I noticed a lady walk by and stop and look back at my cart ( I was getting something off of a shelf), I turn around and there he is hanging over the seat about to flip into the back. ugh.


He seems like a little person this month. I know he can’t have conversations with me, but I feel like I can communicate with him more.


Most of his talk is all jibber jabber but we do feel like he has been repeating words to us this month. We believe the new words he has repeated this month are: dog, ball, Ella, hey, hi and I love you. I know that may sound a little crazy and seem like we are just biased parents thinking our child is a genius…but seriously. We heard it! He doesn’t repeat these every time but it’s happened several times.


He also has gotten very good at waving “buh bye” this month. It’s pretty stinkin’ cute.



He has become quite the little speed crawler, pulls up on everything and walks around things while holding on. He has let go and stood by himself a handful of times (only for about 3 seconds or so).


With increased mobility and pulling up on everything comes a lot of bonks on the old noggin’. He’s had a few doozies that turned into goose eggs and bruises. Which is no fun for mom and dad. 😦 I am surprised though because he usually takes his falls like a champ. He’s much more durable than I had given him credit for!

He is into anything and everything.

IMG_0511 IMG_0432

We just follow each other around all day making and cleaning up messes. I bet you can guess which one of us does the cleaning.


He has also starting getting himself into situations that he can’t figure out the way out of.

Like climbing into the hamper then throwing a fit when he can’t get out. This boy has a temper!


Getting stuck under the ottoman. It’s all fun and games until he can’t get out!


Sleeping this month:

Since the time change he has been going to bed at 7:30 or sometimes 8:00 and wakes up around 6:00. He will sleep through the night maybe 2-3 times a week. The other nights he’ll wake up once. However with teething this month we have had some rough nights, he even ended up sleeping in our bed one night. Poor guy did not feel good!


Of course we had a few naps together again this month. I love them and hope he will always nap and snuggle with me.



Most of his diet is still purees. He is eating usually 5 ounces at a time but occasionally it is less or more.  I have been trying to introduce him to a lot more finger foods. He does really well with his pincher grasp and I have noticed just in the last week or so he’s really got it down.  We have tried finger foods such as: strawberries, sweet potatoes, banana(with peel cut back), blueberries, quinoa and avocado and of course his beloved puffs. I am not moving away completely from purees yet. They are just so easy, but I am giving him a lot more finger foods to try. It is a lot of fun to explore new foods with him! He has also really caught onto the sippy cup this month too. It’s cute to see him use it like a big boy!

IMG_0507 IMG_0533

He is still nursing every 3-4 hours. He will nurse when we get up at 6 then 10, 2, and 6. Then he will eat dinner, have a bath, read books ( little play time), and bed time. Then I do still nurse during the night if he wakes up. This month I feel like my milk supply has dropped more than I have ever noticed before. He always seems fine after he nurses, so I am just hoping to be able to make it a couple more months! He has been taking his bottles better this month too.

One of the biggest things to happen this month….

Dun Dun Dun…

We FINALLY have a tooth popping through! It’s pretty exciting since he has been working so hard to get it through. It has caused us all some pretty rough days/nights. He got the runny nose with it and all. We were calling him a snail all day because he left a trail of snot and drool everywhere he went. On our roughest day (he looked miserable) I decided to try anything to help him. I went and bought him an amber teething necklace. After having it on him I think it is kind of cute, even though he is a boy. We double it up and put it on his ankle at night. I am not going to say it has worked miracles or anything (yet) but his drooling has improved! We have decided to keep using it for now.



Weight: 15 lbs 9 ounces ( 3%)

Length: 28.3 inches (70%)

Head circumference: 42 cm (5%)

Teeth: one! Just the tip is showing through

Diapers: size 2 disposables and cloth part-time


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