Memorial Weekend and a BBQ.

Let’s start with the BBQ first since it was actually a few weekends ago!! We had a kickoff to the summer with a few of our neighbors. It is so awesome to have such wonderful people live so close to you, that you enjoy spending time with! We are blessed with a really great neighborhood.

IMG_0354 IMG_0353

I look forward to many more summer BBQ’s and hanging out with friends!

IMG_0355 IMG_0357

Noah is lucky to have a lot of little friends to terrorize roam the neighborhood with. Mr. Garrett and little Miss Fiona are just 2 of them!


They are just too cute!


I can hardly handle all of this daddy and son cuteness here.

IMG_0363 IMG_0365 IMG_0364

I know these 2 twinkies are going to have so much fun together.



We were having so much fun Mr. Noah just couldn’t hang. He took a nice lil’ snoozer on Anitra. I think she loved it. 🙂

IMG_0356 IMG_0359

Onto our Memorial Weekend….

Overall it was a pretty laid back weekend at home. We did some cleaning/organizing in our house and worked a lot in the yard. We did make a quick trip out to Logan’s parents to hang out on Sunday.

Ella and Noah having a ball on the kitchen floor. No need for toys when you have kitchen tools!


Our landscaping has been a very sad neglected area of our home for a couple years now. So we have been trying to spruce it up a bit! We (Yes, Logan did most of it but I did help!) did a lot of work this weekend but still have quite a bit more we are planning on doing over the next few weeks.


Our first project was to replace the bricks we had laid down a couple years ago with new ones and level it out.

My hubby hard at work!


We headed off to Lowe’s to pick up some new plants/flowers.


Here’s the finished product of the new leveled bricks and Logan starting to plant the shrubs.

We ended up transplanting one of the boxwoods over about a foot and need to get a couple more for the other side. I also want to trim them up to more of a ball shape. I wanted to do it last weekend but my husband didn’t trust my trimming skills. What’s new.


Our crepe mertles are pretty green right now and I can’t wait to see them bloom! They have pretty purple flowers. We are still planning on adding some more things to our flower bed but just doing a little at a time.


We added some wispy grasses along the side of our house. They look so small right now but will eventually cover the space well.


We also are extending our flower bed to wrap around our house. This is still a work in progress but we want to fill it in to help cover all the piping “stuff”.

IMG_0592 IMG_0593

I love having fun bright flowers in our pots. I am making a commitment this year to water it. I never have in the past and of course everything has always died. Flowers/landscaping has just never been my thing, but I have enjoyed working on it this past weekend. It really gives you such pride in your home!


And of course we couldn’t have done it without this little stinkers help. HAHA. He actually was really great, he loves being outdoors.


IMG_0589 IMG_0586 IMG_0585

“O, what is that mom? You don’t want me to eat the mulch?”


“Ha Ha, Ya you know I’m going to anyways.” 🙂



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