Father’s Day 2013…Part 1.

Here’s to another “first” for this year of first-time parents. Father’s Day! We had Noah’s first year pictures taken last night and we were all up late, so thankfully we all slept in till’ 8! That may be a record for our little guy! WAHOO!

Since we woke up late there was no time for a fancy breakfast, since we had to rush to get to the early church service, so we all settled for cereal. You can’t go wrong with cereal though, right?! We also went ahead and gave Logan his first Father’s Day gifts.


I found these letters at hobby lobby and just spray painted them white. I took these pics a couple weeks ago so that I had time to order them. Even though he didn’t smile for me, I love the way they turned out. The “A” is my favorite. HAHA!


I found 3 seperate frames since I couldn’t find another one that I liked. We also gave him a “get out of the house free coupon” to go golfing. He is always so busy, I know golfing more is one thing he wishes he could do more. He also got a new bottle of cologne.

After breakfast and gifts we headed off to church! Then we came home for lunch and to put Noah down for a nap. We got to relax for a bit, then when Noah woke up we went out to my parent’s house to swim have dinner and hang out.


IMG_0929 IMG_0925

Look who is getting some curls in his hair!


It was a great relaxing day and I think Logan enjoyed it.

Father’s Day part 2 next….All about Logan!


3 thoughts on “Father’s Day 2013…Part 1.

  1. Justin loves to golf too…do y’all have a membership to the country club? They should go sometime! Justin usually takes Jackson Tuesday nights to the driving range and to putt šŸ™‚

  2. I think if he goes with Justin, it is $35 for 9 holes. Justin got a membership in March, we pay $100/ month for 3 rounds of golf which includes golf cart, unlimited driving range, pool, fitness, and tanning. They had a deal where you didn’t have to pay the joining fee. He has been having so much fun!

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