Celebrating the 4th of July.

I know. I’m a few weeks late on posting this. I’m always trying to catch up!

We got together and had a block party to celebrate the 4th. We LOVE our neighbors. Seriously, it makes me never want to move. Unless they could all come with me. Yes, that would work!

We had a shrimp boil and potluck meal. It was so fun! I’ll just let the pictures do the talking πŸ™‚

IMG_4618 IMG_4626_2 IMG_4632 IMG_4634 IMG_4622 IMG_4624 IMG_4623 IMG_4599 IMG_4601

After chowing down on some serious grub, we had a surprise visit from a few firemen! My sister was hanging out with us and her husband works for the local fire department. The kiddos were thrilled!

IMG_4641 IMG_4661 IMG_4647 IMG_4650 IMG_4656

We had a great night celebrating Independence Day with great company!

IMG_4712 IMG_4665 IMG_4668 IMG_4620

IMG_1188 IMG_1180 IMG_1185IMG_4684



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