A Day in the Life of an 11 Month Old.

What a whirlwind of a month! This has by far been the fastest yet. My baby turns one next week and I just don’t know how that’s possible!

IMG_4869 IMG_4871 IMG_4885

One thing I have really noticed this month is that Noah seems to be comprehending more. He seems to be understanding more of what I say, like….”can you get your ball?” or “sit down in your highchair!”.

IMG_1299 IMG_1311

He is doing things with more of a purpose too. He just may be the only one who knows what the purpose is :). For example, moving certain pieces of food (that he doesn’t want) over to one side of his highchair.

I think he is finally starting to sign to us as well. The only ones we have done so far is “all done”, and “more”. His motions aren’t exactly like ours, but close. πŸ™‚

He also likes to hand us whatever it is he’s playing with. He’ll hand it to us and we’ll say “thank you”, and it really sounds like he says it back sometimes!


We did have something funny (okay, mostly gross) happen- Noah was playing in his room and so I went to clean up the kitchen…then I hear the toilet flush. As I get to the bathroom I see Noah elbow deep in toilet water splashing around just having the time of his life. Kids. Are. Gross.

We have really been working on night and daytime sleep lately. We are sleep training, hoping he’ll sleep through the night consistently and take better naps. So far it’s going well.

IMG_1215 IMG_1338

New tricks: Giving high fives, getting really close to walking (a couple steps this week!)

Loves: baths, unrolling toilet paper, emptying an entire box of q-tips, eating any kind of fruit, he gives theΒ BEST hugs, playing with books


Teeth: 2

Diapers: Size 2 and part-time cloth diapering(we’ve been doing it alot more!)

We just weaned one feeding this week so we’re down to nursing 3 times a day right now. I am planning to go fairly slow with the weaning process, but we’re just taking it week by week and seeing how it goes.





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