The difference a year can make.

This has been the most amazing and life changing year we have ever experienced. I thank God every day for allowing me to watch this sweet 5lb baby boy turn into an active lovable toddler (that’s so weird to write!).

Our first picture of him at only 5 weeks gestation!


From those first few hours

IMG_0636_2 IMG_0643_2 IMG_0772_2

to the first smile and sweet baby giggles…

IMG_1542 IMG_1659

to all of our first holidays together…

IMG_1695 IMG_2133_2 IMG_2339_2

untitled-1178-1_2 Noah B Valentine-28

to the first time eating “real” food…

IMG_3003 IMG_3107_2

to his first time crawling…


to saying his first “dada” and “mama”…


to standing and taking those first few steps…


We love you so much Noah, and look forward to what the next year brings!


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