12 months.

I swear it was the day of Noah’s 1st birthday, he became a toddler. I’ve said to Logan so many times this month, “O my gosh, he is such a toddler!” Where did my baby go??

IMG_4886 IMG_1800

Of course I look back and am sad he is not my little baby who will lay on me and take naps, but I am LOVING this age (I know, I say this every month!) I really mean it this time though. He is a little person now and I am enjoying every minute of being with him.

Things Noah is loving lately:

scooting around his tractors/monster trucks. Sometimes it really sounds like he mimics me and says “vroooom!”

IMG_1487 IMG_1739

Books. He will bring them to us, plop down in our laps and want us to read. His favorites are ones that make noise or are  “touch and feel.”

IMG_1783 IMG_1841 IMG_1865

He can now stack his blocks and put the rings on his ring toy (I have no idea what that thing is called).

Anything that makes noise or music.

New Tricks:

WALKING! We are all lovin’ it around here. He was already so mobile with crawling, that hasn’t changed much. I was happy to have him up and walking and off of the floor. Walking was a different process than I had previously thought. He took his first steps about a week or so before his first birthday. I thought that was it, now he would just walk everywhere! It took about a month for him to get the courage and the balance to really start walking more than crawling.

Crazy baby on the loose!


Since becoming one, he seems to be understanding so much more ( Like I said, total toddler).

He is signing “more” and “all done”. They aren’t perfect, but you can tell what he is doing.

He points to things he wants and says “uh”.

He throws fits when he doesn’t get what he wants…fun times.

He is very inquisitive and looks things over like he is trying to figure out how they work.

He still shakes his head back and forth to tell me “no”. He knows what it means because he will use it at the right time. When he doesn’t want something or doesn’t want to get out of the bath tub.

High fives. He’s given high fives before but he is much more into it now. We try and get him to “pound it”, which instead of a closed fist he points with 1 or 2 fingers and touches our hands. We call it his E.T Phone Home pointer! It’s pretty funny!

Mimicking us more. He now pretends to cough if he hears someone else do it.

He got some beginner lego type of blocks for his birthday and he’s been obsessed with them! He takes them apart and always tears down whatever we are building. He’s also been obsessed with the music playing dancing chicken card that came with them. The poor chicken didn’t last long.


Other things we’ve been up too..

Noah has learned to drive. Looking over his shoulder and hands at 10 and 2. Obviously his momma taught him (checking to see if my husbands reading) 🙂


Learning to floss…that’s what you get when your momma’s a hygienist.


ANYTHING can be a toy.


Noah got to hang out with the big kids when we went to Botanica Gardens. They all loved the train!

IMG_1747 IMG_1730

His first “I’m bored” look while being at a home improvement store. I’m sure there will be many more of these to come.


Hanging with his buddy in the pool.


He isn’t a huge fan of the baby pool yet, but he sure looks cute in it!



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