Foodie Baby: 12 Months.

I’ll just start by forewarning of the long writing in today’s “foodie post” and somewhat lack of actual food pictures. I guess I felt the need to explain some changes we’ve made lately and why.  Thank you to A Healthy Slice of Life for hosting “munchkin meals” 🙂

 We’ve gone back to feeding Noah more purees over the last month and a half. I had been really pushing to move away from purees and into solid foods since the 10/11 month mark. Noah is 100% capable of eating finger foods. I just noticed that he would not eat many vegetables or beans without spitting them back out. Since I do not feed him meat or dairy I was always feeling very overwhelmed that he wasn’t getting a balanced diet, due to his lack of eating certain things. Meal time became very overwhelming and stressful for me. I want our meals to be a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone in our family and I knew that my emotions over Noah’s lack of eating were beginning to spill over into Noah and Logan’s meals also. I dreaded lunch and dinner everyday. So after Noah’s 12 month check-up and also seeing that he had not gained any weight since his 10 month appointment, I knew what the right decision for us was. Go back to more purees.

We have also introduced almond milk and hemp milk to him using a straw cup. He can drink out the straw great, but chooses not to drink very much. He is taking in somewhere between 3-5 ounces of milk a day right now. I am still nursing him just once a day, first thing in the morning, but have no idea how much he is actually getting from me. I am hoping over time he will continue to get better at taking in more milk/water a day. On another note I am loving our 2 straw cups!

Picture 5

mOmma cup by Lansinoh and the zo-li cup. I would suggest the wire brushes to help clean out the straws

Pheew! Okay, now onto what all Noah’s been eating!

With all that being said, the kid can EAT! He is a tiny little garabage disposal and I have no idea where he puts it all.


whole wheat toast with sunbutter cut into strips (a favorite of Noahs!)

blueberry/banana pancakes that I have made and frozen for him( he will eat 2)


Sometimes I will just share my oatmeal with him. I use 1 minute oats, cinnamon, raisins, walnuts, almond milk and a banana. I just pick around the walnuts for him.

I also always give him coconut milk yogurt, banana, or some sort of berry to go along with his breakfast


a few puffs or rice crackers to keep him calm while I get his food ready. He has yet to learn patience 🙂

4 cubes of homemade purees and a pouch. I like the plum and happy tot brand.

this is pretty much his lunch everyday at this point. I just try to switch up which cubes of purees I give him.


We have added in a snack time over the last month.

After his afternoon nap I will give him a snack container with some dry cereal.

I use kamut puffs. They have no added sugar, actually they have no other ingredients other than the grain itself.

Picture 3

He loves walking around with his snack cup and feeding himself!


rice cake cracker (happy tot brand)…like I said NO patience waiting for his food

some frozen peas, which he is still loving

then he will chow down on 10 cubes of purees! 10! I really don’t know where he puts it!

I mix all of the cubes together.

Here’s things I usually have made in the freezer:

butternut squash, spaghetti squash, sweet potatoes, carrots, black beans, broccoli, green beans.

then he will keep throwing down on some fruit!

Meal time has become more entertaining messy.

Can you find the missing piece of toast, yes with sunbutter all over it. That was real fun to clean.


“Look mom, no hands!”


I love this blueberry faced snaggletooth.

IMG_1976 IMG_1969 IMG_1961

With all that being said, I feel so great with our decision to keep feeding Noah purees for awhile longer. We are all happier at meal time and I feel  confident that I am feeding him a more balanced diet.  I also think he has gained a couple pounds(which is a lot for him), I’ll find out next week for sure.

Something I’ve learned (and still constantly being taught over and over) –  You have to do what is best for your baby. It may not be what your friends baby, the blog you reads baby, or the “average” of what babies are doing…but if you are making your decision with your child’s best interest, then you are making the right decision.


4 thoughts on “Foodie Baby: 12 Months.

  1. I agree that you have to do what works best for you, your baby and your family! He looks happy and healthy and that is all that matters! Plus you can use the purees as an opportunity to work on his spoon skills!

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