Girls trip.

So a couple weeks ago I left Noah for the first time. I went to celebrate a friends bachelorette party in Kansas City. I was a little sad to be leaving him, mostly just anxiety over wanting to return home safely. I always get anxiety if we are traveling separately.  Other than the traveling anxiety I was actually looking forward to getting away for a couple days. Noah stayed with Logan and I knew it would be good for them to have a few days to bond with out mommy there. I also was looking forward to a little “me” time.

We went up to KC Friday morning and came home Sunday afternoon.

The Bride-to-be

IMG_1814 IMG_1524

I’m a mom and I took a shot. Ya, it felt weird.

IMG_1528 IMG_1555

We spent some time in the sun on Saturday, it was so fun!


The whole group after dinner Saturday night!


Our last group picture of the weekend. It was a great weekend with a great group of girls!


I sure did miss my boys though, especially when i get cute pictures like this.


My little twinsies. Makes me smile :). They had a really great weekend together!

I was so excited be back home. I was greeted by flowers on the island and a “welcome home mommy” note on the chalkboard!

Not to mention Noah was a being the most lovable, squeezable, kissable, couldn’t get enough of him, total HAM.


Great weekend away..even greater being back at home with my boys (and a furry lil chihuahua too) 🙂


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