Our sleep schedule: 13 months.

Since Noah was around 4 months we have struggled with sleep. From nap time to night time, neither were great. I am happy to say now though, since right before 12 months, things are going really great! I started weaning him of his night feeding around 11 months and we had a few rough nights where he would wake up but not too many. Logan took care of the night wakings for awhile instead of me too, which I think helped.

Our current sleep schedule looks something like this:

6:30/7 am: Wake up, nurse, eat breakfast, play

9:00 am(or about 2-2.5 hours after he wakes up): start telling him it’s time for “night night”, read a book or two and then lay him down. Typically he goes down without any fuss.

10:00-11:00 am(he will sleep between 1 and 2 hours): wake up and eat lunch between 11:00 and 12:00, play

2:00pm ish( about 3 hours after he gets up): start telling him its “night night” time read a couple books and lay him down. Every now and then he will cry at this nap, but usually it’s because he has pooped, and I change him and he goes down fine after that.

3:00-3:30 (sleeps usually 1-1.5 hours): wake up, gets a snack, then play time

5:30pm ish: dinner,bath time

7:15-7:30- Start telling him it is “night night” time, read a few books(we read more at bed time than nap time), then lay him down.

Few things to add: He does still use a binky and actually has 2 in his crib. We also give him a small blankie and 2 stuffed animals to snuggle.

Most nights he will sleep a full uninterrupted 11-12 hours. However, we do go through times where he may be a little more difficult, especially if he’s teething, which is currently happening. 😦 After so many months of interrupted sleep and days where there were no naps, this schedule is a dream! Β We are all happier people, for sure!

On another note, we have had another challenge. We went to stay at Logan’s parents about a month and a half ago and Noah freaked out. He went to sleep fine but woke up a couple hours in and just would not calm down. We ended up leaving at midnight feeling completely discouraged and a little embarrassed. We plan on trying again, but honestly I’m afraid too. This also makes me nervous to leave him anywhere over night without us. I think I am emotionally fine with being away from him, but hate to have anyone else deal with a uncontrollable baby all night. So I’m hoping maybe it was a fluke ( trying to be positive) and he will be fine next time. Ill keep you posted!

Here is a Noah pic because I can’t do a post without one!

his fedora and remotes/old cell phone…two of his favorite things!



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