Noah: 13/14 Months.

I’m not sure how long I will continue with the monthly (or bi-monthly) post, but for now I don’t mind. Actually I like to still keep up with new things Noah is doing each month and I want to be able to go back and read through them to help me remember. ๐Ÿ™‚

You are really falling into your own little personality lately! Such a goofy boy.



For some reason you have started to head-butt ANYTHING. The wall, the chair, toys, me…..I try to get on to you (when you do it to us), but most the time I have to just try to keep myself from laughing!


You LOVE LOVE being outside. I’m not much of an outdoorsy (did I just make that word up?) gal, so I have to remind myself to take the boy outside!


Baseballs, basketballs, footballs, bouncy balls and trucks. Your all boy!


You RUN around outside anywhere kicking a ball around. You actually have really great coordination and most of the time kick it in the direction you were trying to. Future soccer player, maybe!?!


You seem to be mesmerized by kids that are older than you are. I can tell you really want them to give you attention and play with you. You sure do try hard to keep up with them!


Even though you have become more independent these two months, you still reach out for my hand often. ย Whether it is to pull me into a room where you are playing or for help out of something ( You get yourself stuck in odd places, often).


You still love your books. If we are playing on the floor you will bring me a book, turn yourself around, back-up into my lap and nuzzle yourself in. It melts my heart. every. single. time.


Working on your coloring/writing skills…okay that may be over your head. I am trying to teach you how to hold a crayon though!


You are really into mimicking what we do now.


and you love to put things into baskets/containers. You also love to stack your blocks, then proceed to knock them over by kicking your feet and then laughing hysterically at yourself.


I’m not sure if your imagination is starting to run wild or what but lately you love to come up to us, hold out your hand with your fingers pinched together and hand us “something”. Sometimes you even want this “something” back. ย There is nothing there, but we play along.

You do love to hand us everything though, imaginary or not.


You still love to walk around saying “momma” all the time, but as soon as you hear the garage door open in the evenings you start shouting “dada” at the top of your lungs. ย We also think you say “bath”, “ball”, you point at everything and say “whatisthat” (what is that?) it’s cute how you slur it all into one word, and just recently you wave and say “buh” at the same time. I can’t help but laugh when you do it because you have somehow picked up a southern twang and it’s hilarious to hear it!


Even though you can’t always communicate with your words, I am amazed every day at what you understand. I can tell you to ” bring mommy a book”, “can you get your blocks”, “help mommy pick up, please”,”take the ball to Ella”, “give me a kiss” and you do it! Little minds are so amazing, like sponges!

You also like to say “ROOOAAR!”, which sometimes comes out as more of a deep growl, that I’m not sure really comes out of your teeny tiny body. You seem to do the growl more when you are really concentrating on something.


You love to help mommy and your always trying to figure things out. Maybe if the soccer star doesn’t pan out you will be an engineer.


About every 4 weeks or so we go through a week of “teething”. Which unfortunately means you get cranky, a runny nose, and end up with congestion, you’ve even thrown up a couple times in your crib at night from the drainage. You now have 6 teeth that are in and currently working on more!

More than anything though, you love being with your momma and dada. We love being with you too.

IMG_2280 IMG_2225 IMG_2211 IMG_2414


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