Halloween 2013.

Well after lots of searching I finally found the perfect costumes for us this year!

Check out our cute lil’ Indian!


We started out our evening with a Halloween party at our clubhouse. Β All of these photos are from jloganphotography. Jen is a great photographer, who I am lucky enough to also call my friend! She put together the clubhouse party and set up a cute little photo session for all the kids! It was SO much fun.

O, did I mention we dressed up too!?

Cowboy and Indians!


I love being a part of things with Noah and getting to enjoy things like this with him. I get so excited about that stuff. πŸ™‚


Noah LOVED the whole evening. He gets a kick out of other kids and tried to keep up with them all night. I carried him to and from most houses because his little legs were a lot slower than the other kids, he wasn’t afraid to go up to the houses though. He thought his candy basket was the greatest thing in the world and I couldn’t pry his little fingers off of it! Every new piece of candy he would place in the basket and then take it out…then put it back in and then out again. Over and over. Fun stuff, I tell you!


Noah’s second Halloween was a success! Hope everyone else had a great Halloween too!



3 thoughts on “Halloween 2013.

  1. Thank you for sharing your litte ones fun with us ! We are expecting our own little Noah in December thru the gift of adoption and we are so excited and blessed ..

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