15 Months.

Wow. This month has flown by! With all the hustle and bustle this time of year, I know the next couple months will go by faster than I’d like them to as well.

Earlier this month we got all dressed up for Noah’s 2nd Halloween, and had a blast!


Other than that, it’s been a pretty normal not too exciting month.


We’ve had a much more relaxing month than October was. We’ve also spent lots of time in our jammies. Our favorite.


Noah, you seem to be growing up more and more by the day. Just within the last week or two you have started repeating more of what we say. Not always when we want you to, everything is always on your terms.


A couple of my favorites have been “hot” and “burrrr”.  You say them so cute, but I also think EVERYTHING you do is cute, so I may be partial. 🙂


You love to show us your belly button and can point pinch our noses if we ask you where they are.

IMG_2609 IMG_2610

You have quite the personality. You know when your being funny and have started showing off. It’s pretty hilarious.


You also like to test us and see what you will be able to get away with. It’s exhausting some days.


You absolutely love being outside and we are already looking forward to spring for warmer weather!


Apparently you DO NOT like leaves. HA!


But you enjoy your wagon rides with Ella at your Aunt Amy’s!


You still are very interested in any type of ball. You will make baskets on your basketball goal, play with your baseball and glove and you love to kick balls too!


It makes me smile to think of how much you love your books though. You will look at them by yourself sometimes but more than not you bring them to us, turn around, and wedge your little bottom right into our lap so we can read to you.


Bath time is a fun part of our evening. You run in there after dinner saying “bath?, bath?” with infliction in your voice. You love it.


You’re so much fun and I love hanging out with you. Apparently, you think your Uncle Matt is pretty fun too.


You have become quite attached to your daddy over the last couple of weeks too. I love it, but would be lying if i said it didn’t bother me at all.


You’re growing up so fast and becoming more and more independent every day!

*I’m editing this in after the fact but I wanted to remember that you have 7 teeth now! 5 of them you have cut in the last 4 months and are currently working on #8 and possible #9 and #10 as well. I can’t tell for sure, you don’t let me get a good enough look!


Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. We are so thankful that God chose US to be your parents. Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!


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