Christmas 2013.

We look forward to Christmas every fall and it seems to come and go faster every year.  I get so excited to get out our Christmas decorations, we usually end up putting them all up the weekend before Thanksgiving. It was fun to have Noah and his little hands trying to help this year. He did grab at the ornaments and stockings, but seemed to do fairly well with listening and not getting into things too often. Several time-outs may have been involved. 

The few days before and after Christmas we are usually out and about trying to spend time with our families. I love that we have so much family close though and look forward the time we spend with them. It does make for a crazy and hectic few days packing, un-packing, and lugging gifts all around. It’s always nice to get back home and try to get our house back in order. It is always seems to be such a disaster after all that!

Christmas Eve we always go over to Logan’s grandma’s for lunch. Everyone has their own stocking that is filled with goodies. We have fun letting the kids open gifts and digging into our own stockings as well! We stay over there until late afternoon or so when typically we head to Christmas Eve service at our church. This year it just didn’t work out for us to make it,we were pretty bummed about not going. They have an awesome service every year! It all worked out though because my family came over to our house and we had a taco bar! It’s kind of become a tradition for us to do the taco bar, It’s always so yummy. It was a very laid back evening at our house and I loved it.

We woke up at our house on Christmas morning and my parents came back over to watch Noah open gifts and make a big breakfast with us. We made biscuits and gravy, bacon and eggs. My mom also made chocolate gravy with biscuits. I know it sounds crazy but we grew up eating it and I still love it. I think it may be a southern thing because not too many people here in the midwest have ever heard of it. Your all missing out!

Noah and his bed head were a little confused as to what was going on…

We didn’t do a whole lot for Noah this year. I like the idea of doing 4 gifts at Christmas. Something you want, something you need, something to wear and something to read. I can’t say with certainty we will stick to that every year, but for now I really like the idea of keeping it a little more simple. At least it helps give a basis of something to go off of too instead of just buying a bunch of “stuff”.
Noah’s want was a teepee ( he just didn’t know he wanted it ) :). Logan made it, with the help of his mom. It turned out better than I had hoped it would!
He didn’t quite know what to think of it at first but now he loves it!
He got “Chicka Chicka Boom Boom” for his new book to read!
He got some new socks (his need). I meant to buy him a new sleeper as his something to wear, but had just bought him several a few weeks prior ( he had outgrown all his) so  I skipped that one this year.
Then in his stocking he got the cutest little golf cart to push around!
I think he enjoyed opening his gifts and really got the hang of it by our last Christmas. We had 4 where he had gifts to open! He’s not in need of much to say the least.
Christmas afternoon we headed over to Logan’s dad’s house. We snack all night and eat plenty of his dad’s homemade cinnamon rolls that he makes every year. I even let Noah try one this year. He pretty much thought it was the best thing ever.  The kids all open their gifts and the adults did a secret santa for the first time this year, it was really fun! I must not have pulled my camera out at all over there this year because I have no pictures. Ill do better next year! We all spend the night and wake up and drink coffee in the morning ( my favorite time there!).
Mid/late morning we went back to our house to meet up with my family again. Each year our schedule for Christmas changes since my brother-in-law is a fireman. He worked Christmas so we were all able to get together the next morning and open gifts. My grandparent’s also came over. They are usually in Texas this time of year so it was nice to see them!
My parents got Noah a workbench and to say he is obsessed with it would be an understatement.
Later that afternoon we went over to Logan’s mom’s house. We all ate dinner then opened more gifts. Our 4th and final Christmas.
Ella got a new pots and pans set, Noah didn’t hesitate to take it over though. He had fun stirring and feeding everyone bites the rest of the night.
Seriously, all kids need is a cardboard box.
Uncle Skylar cracking him up!

Christmas every year is such a great reminder of how blessed we are. Not because of the gifts, but how thankful I am that we have such wonderful families that we are able to spend so much time with. Each and every one of us adds something special to our family and I’m grateful for each person that we get to have in our lives.

We look forward to a new year!


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