1st trimester, 2nd pregnancy.

I have been slacking on documenting much from this pregnancy so far. I’m planning on doing much better from here on out!

I found out we were pregnant the week before Thanksgiving, even though I had a pretty strong feeling I was the whole 2 weeks before finding out. I had felt the same way when I was pregnant with Noah too. Maybe it sounds weird, but I feel like I am pretty in tune with my body and just can know or feel that kind of stuff (usually).

This pregnancy has been a little different than my pregnancy with Noah, mentally and physically. With Noah I had pretty much ZERO morning sickness. The worst thing I remember from my previous pregnancy was back pain (which got worse the further along I was) and feeling dizzy and like I was going to pass out. Mentally with Noah I was so worried about everything the first trimester and dug into every book I could get my hands on. I think that’s pretty typical of first pregnancies, but this one is definitely different.

This time around I had more nauseous feelings, I never got sick but just didn’t feel real great off and on. I was also SO exhausted!! I would fall asleep just sitting on the couch mid-day…with Noah there! I had to make myself get up and get us out of the house just to stay awake. It’s a lot different this time though..being pregnant and trying to keep up with a 1 year old. That’s enough to make anyone tired, right? Mentally I am distracted this time (by a very busy toddler). I downloaded the same pregnancy apps I had with Noah and next thing I know 3 weeks have passed and I haven’t read anything. I’m not saying that is wrong, just very different from the first time around. I’ve been a little more sick but a lot less worried. Overall I think I still had a fairly easy first trimester, but I’m glad to be out of it and feeling like myself again!

Cravings: Very similar to last time. Orange juice always sounds amazing and just hearty salty/savory foods.

The Bump: People who say you show faster after the first pregnancy…they weren’t lying. The day I found out I could tell something was already different. Since then it has slowed down maybe a little, but I am still much bigger than I was with Noah at this point.

6 weeks with Baby B #2.


Baby B 8 weeks 2 days.


13 weeks Baby B #2


and just for a fun comparison…

12 weeks with Noah.


I was much thinner and WAY more tone going into my first pregnancy.
I am looking forward to seeing my bump grow and to find out what this lil’ peanut is!


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