Pregnancy {2} update: Weeks 14-17.

We are inching closer and closer to the halfway point over here. Crazy to think about it like that! We all had some yucky sickness in our house a couple weeks ago…everyone felt crummy and no one got any sleep. Now that we are all recovered, things have been going really well. Overall I’ve been feeling great!
16 weeks baby B #2
Movement: I started questioning if I was feeling the baby around 13 weeks. It wasn’t consistent, but every now and then I was feeling a little something! Logan even got to feel the baby move around 16 weeks. I’m not feeling a lot of kicks quite yet, more like rolls or baby pushing against my stomach. I can’t wait to feel more! Noah was always very active and so I’m anxious to see if this little one is too.
OB appointments: Our OB uses a fetal heart doppler that doesn’t tell the exact heart rate, so I never know what it is, just what he says. At 12 weeks he said it was very fast and sounded like a girl (I think he may have guessed Noah a girl also). At my last appointment, 16 weeks, he said it was very slow for 16 weeks and may be another boy. All guesses, but it’s fun to do that! 🙂
Gender: We find out soon! Even though I’ve had some second thoughts lately on wanting to find out the sex ( we had already decided to find out and the hubs REALLY wants to know) I am looking forward to it.
Food: Nothing to exciting here. No real cravings, but I am not eating near as healthy as I did with Noah, and I can definitely tell with the new places I seem to be gaining weight. :/ I’ve also thought about looking for a new swimsuit for this summer ( it will be necessary!). Not quite sure if I’m excited about it or dreading it…
Maternity Clothes: Not yet. I’m trying to hold of until it gets warmer out, I have bought a few maxi skirts ( 2 being maternity) and I can’t wait to wear them. Hoping it gets warmer sooner than later because I am outgrowing all of my regular clothes!
Sleeping: Pretty good most nights. My sister bought me a snoogle (maternity pillow) for my birthday and it is amazing! I wish I would have had it when I was pregnant with Noah.
Looking Forward to: Our 20 week sono!
17 weeks Baby B #2

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