Noah:18 months.

It’s been a few months since Noah’s last update ( 15 months here).  It’s been a busy and fun few months and this little guy is growing and developing more and more every week.
You love to share your snacks with Sadie. She loves it too.
We went to KC for a weekend back in December. You and I cruised around town while dad was at an Optometry conference.  You thought the view was pretty mesmerizing.
You had a hard time settling down at night but got to sleep in bed with mom and dad.
We met up with a friend of mine and went out shopping for a day- I think we wore you out :). You’ve always been a good shopping buddy, although I think my days for that may be numbered.
This was your second hotel stay and you did great!
You still love books and reading. You do always have an opinion on which books we read now. You will shake your head “no” until we pull out the one you want or you will bring us the “right” one. You get stuck on a favorite book and we read it over and over and over and OVER until you finally move onto to a new one.
I think one of your biggest developments over the last couple months is how much you understand and remember. You can point to almost anything we ask you to in your books and repeat what it is. My favorite though is when you voluntarily blurt out the right animal sounds as we turn the page in your animal books.
You can recall 15-20 animal sounds when we ask you. My favorites are: a bear where you let out such a deep growl, you must pull it from your toes. Birds- where you squeal out a high pitch “tweet tweet”. I blame your dad for this next one, but I can’t say it doesn’t make me laugh…if you see the fox page in one of your books you almost always blurt out “ning ning ning”….. “What does the fox say?”….crazy song gets stuck in my head every time. :/
You love to have company and play really well with others. For now you don’t have too much separation anxiety and when I drop you off at the church nursery (usually about 3 times a week) you just take off and run right in to start playing. You always flash me the biggest smile when I come to pick you back up though. 🙂
You also have become much better at independent play within the last month or so. You can stay in your playroom (or drag all your toys out to the living room) and entertain yourself without me having to be with you constantly.
Also in reference to the picture above- You still go back and forth between using your right and left hand. I’d say you use your left 60-70% of the time. It will be interesting to see which one you continue to use.

Every day you are repeating more and more words. Some of my favorites: Hearing you say “thank you” after we give you something, “Amen” after we pray (this one is new!), and listening to you be able to repeat loved ones names and point them out in pictures. Not only are you repeating but occasionally you will point to something and say what it is without us prompting you. It always impresses me.

I’ve also noticed lately how much you want to be a part of things and help us do whatever we may be doing. So I make an effort to always give you little jobs to help me. If I am folding laundry I let you hand me the next piece of clothing- usually in hope that you don’t destroy everything I just folded. Which happens too. I also try and always let you carry your own towel and wash rag into the bathroom for your bath- You love feeling like your helping!
One of our favorite things to do together is be in the kitchen!
Just within the last month have you became so interested in helping me in the kitchen. I pull up one of our table chairs to the countertop (kind of stuck in a corner, in hopes he doesn’t fall) and you pull out the drawer of spatulas and have a blast!
You pretend to mix things together in the measuring cups and then take (and share) bites of your (delicious I’m sure!) creation.
Even though it makes my cooking time longer, I love you being a part of it with me.
I also have to mention what a total and complete goof you are.
Your personality is exploding and when you let loose you make everyone laugh!
I’ve seen you start to realize when you are being funny and then you the kick it up a notch and REALLY start to show off.
You are becoming more daring all the time too. Standing on things and climbing. O the climbing….
Just to be clear…It’s not all fun and games. You have your fair share of time-outs but your listening and minding is improving. You have bad moods and off days just like everyone else. I happened to catch this “I’m not in the mood” face and it makes me laugh!

I love watching you grow and your little mind work. We love you more every day!


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