Gender Reveal Round 2!

Logan and I went to our 20 week sono last week. We were so excited to see this sweet little babe and find out what our family of 4 will look like..

Not sure what the silly face is Noah’s making… haha

This little one was all curled up and nuzzled into me. It took a few pokes and nudges but baby did finally move enough for us to see what we needed to, thankfully! Not only were we happy to find out the gender, but also to see that this looked like a healthy baby. So amazing to catch a little glimpse of them.

So we found out Wednesday and didn’t have our gender reveal with our family until Saturday. It was way too long to wait and I did NOT like it! It was too hard and I wanted to share!

So we did tell our bible study group that night (sorry mom!). We made color filled cupcakes to share the news Wednesday.

Then for our reveal with our family we shared by having them scratch off some homemade lottery tickets…

I found the idea on pinterest (of course). So I sent the design to a friend who made created them for us, then Logan and I added the scratch off mixture. I love love love how they turned out!

We only made one “winning” ticket, while all the others only had “ It’s a ?”. It made it a little more interesting.
Somebody couldn’t wait to hear the news….
Everyone getting their tickets!
The kids had a lot of fun with it!

We may have strategically chosen who got the winning ticket…Logan’s youngest brother Chase! We knew that he would scratch it off how he was supposed to,  and not play games with anyone…like some others would have done 🙂

and Baby Banister will be….
BOY!!! We couldn’t be happier 🙂
 Proud big brother…

A few pictures from our bible study reveal…

It was so fun sharing our news!


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