Pregnancy {2} update: Weeks 18-22.

Over half way and flying by!

I must have missed an 18 week picture, and I’m sure it won’t be the last one I miss..

19 weeks in my scrubs 🙂

Sleep: Overall good! I wake up to have to go to the bathroom, but not every night. Still have some pretty crazy dreams, but that’s nothing new.
Food: No real cravings, at least not anymore than what I feel like I always have (pregnant or not). I have had some intense heartburn on occasion. Nothing consistent though, thankfully. Foods that have given me crazy heartburn are pizza (and weird dreams), I still eat it though because it doesn’t bother me every time and it always seems like it’s worth the risk :). I also ate peanut butter and honey last week ( a snack I occasionally like to eat) and it gave me horrible heartburn…I’m trying to stay away from that now!
Clothes: I bought my first maternity tops a couple weeks ago. I hate buying any winter things since I’m hoping spring will be here soon…but wow they feel so much better to wear! I can still make some of my other tops work, but most seem to tug and fit snug in all the wrong places and it’s just not as flattering. I’m running out of outfit options though and can’t wait to pull out all my maxi skirts I’ve been hoarding for summer!
Gender: BOY! We found out at 20 weeks (read more here). I love the thought of being a momma to two little boys 🙂

Movement: Baby boy is moving more and more every week! Noah was always very active (still is), and I am excited to see if this little one will be the same way. I’m loving the kicks, rolls, and jabs, and Logan has been able to feel him a lot lately as well!

21 weeks..
I feel like I am carrying pretty low just like I did with Noah. The further along I get it’s starting to round out quite a bit though. My belly button also seems to be getting wider?, not sure that’s the right way to describe it…it’s kinda weird.
Worst part of the last few weeks: My pregnancy back pain has returned, unfortunately. It bothers me most while working, I’m sure my profession doesn’t help. I had the same sharp left side pain with my first pregnancy and it only became worse until after I delivered. There are times it is completely nonexistent, but when it hurts I can not get comfortable and it feels almost debilitating-mostly while working. I’m considering seeing the physical therapist at my OB office.
Best part of the last few weeks: Our 20 week sono and gender reveal!
22 Weeks..and a very windy Saturday-which is no surprise in Kansas.



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