Pregnancy {2} Update : Weeks 23-26

Week 23…


Sleep: Still loving my snoogle! I try to sleep on my left side and it helps me stay in that position while supporting my belly too. I do wake up some nights and have to roll over to the other side because something is numb (hand, arms, legs). Sometimes I may debate with myself in the middle of the night if it’s worth it to get up and go to the bathroom or not…usually my bladder wins.
Clothes: I feel like I wear the same outfits over and over because not much is fitting anymore. I wear leggings and the few maternity tops I have. I did order some new things from ASOS and have another few tops on the way. My wardrobe should be expanding soon I hope. Since the weather is getting nicer I’ve been able to wear some of my maxi skirts which has been nice (and comfy too!).
Week 24…
No Picture this week. I caught the stomach bug and was not feeling well for about 3-4 days. It was miserable. On the plus side I weighed less at my OB appt that week. 😉
Week 25…


Food: Just recently salads and anything cold has sounded SO good! I want to make every cold dessert possible and have eaten my weight in strawberries…and jelly beans. 🙂 We went through a growth spurt around week 24 or so, I was wanting to eat every 2 hours..not snacks I’m talking full meals.


Movement: Baby boy has been moving quite a bit. He doesn’t seem quite as active as Noah was though, or maybe I’m just more distracted? He is strong though-he moves my whole belly!
Names: We still haven’t chosen a name yet. We have it down to 2 that we go back and forth between, we can’t agree on a middle name though :/. Staying optimistic my husband will cave and give in…
Worst part of the last month: the stomach flu was pretty awful, but my rib pain still wins on this one. I’ve seen a chiropractor 3 times now. She says I have a few ribs out and adjusts me. So far no improvement though.
Best part of the last month: Hearing Noah say the baby names and wanting to give his brother kisses. 🙂
Week 26..
No picture again.. :(. The weeks seem to be ending before I realize they’ve even started lately. Time is going by so fast.


2 thoughts on “Pregnancy {2} Update : Weeks 23-26

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