Noah: 19-22 Months.

I left off with Noah being 18 months and now he is almost 2! What?!? I’m going to have a 2 year old. That seems so crazy to me.


You are a happy little boy who’s personality opinions are becoming very apparent.


We spend our days together in and out of your toy room. Your transportation puzzle is your favorite one to work on. I love it when you lay down on your belly to work on something. You seem so big.


You LOVE your smoothies. You will ask for them, “moothie” is what it usually sounds like. I love that you love them, since you don’t like to try any other vegetable, it gives me a way to sneak some in on you.


You love to hide, even though I can always see you :), and jump out and say “boo!”. You also love for us to chase you and tickle tickle tickle!


All day long you are grabbing my hand and leading me to whatever it is your wanting or wanting to play. I won’t lie, it always makes me feel like I’m the first kid getting chosen to be on a team. So special.


You still love helping in the kitchen.

You also like to pretend you are mixing things and sharing bites with anyone who will take one.



You love your daddy. There are days where mom just can’t do anything for you because ONLY daddy can do it.


It’s okay though, I love watching the two of you together.


March Madness was on a couple months ago and you were very into watching it. You love anything that has to do with a ball.


Apparently mom and dad’s bed is a good place to play with your basketball.



You won’t sit in your highchair anymore. You are a big kid and have to sit at the island now.

You use your own fork, spoon and like to have a plate. Surprisingly, you do really well with utensils.


On the days I work, if your up, I always end up having to share my oatmeal with you. I don’t like to share my drinks or food either really, especially if it requires a shared utensil. Β I share my spoon with you and I’m pretty sure you spit two bites back in my bowl. That’s real love my little one. πŸ™‚


We had gone quite awhile without any new teeth causing problems, until recently. Your canines are coming through. So far one (maybe 2) have actually cut through your gums and the other 2 are not far behind. All that’s left are your 2 year molars. Nobody is looking forward to the time those decide to come in.


When you wake up you always grab your binky and blankets. Occasionally your stuffed animals will get held onto also. You like to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse when you wake up. You’ve grown quite fond of Mickey recently and will point to the TV and ask for “hot dog”. You always say it in the saddest little voice too. I have to really limit your tv time because I’m afraid you’d watch it all day!

You are still taking 2 naps most days (unless we have something going on in the morning). Your sleep schedule at 22 months is a close version to this:

7:00- wake up! You will come and lay in bed with me sometimes and watch an episode of Mickey (I get in another 20 min of shut eye).

9:30- Nap time. We read a couple books and you sleep for 1 1/2 usually.

11:00- Wake up. Eat lunch and play.

2:30- Nap. We read a couple books and you sleep for another 1 1/2.

4:00- wake up and we try and stay busy until dinner time around 6. This is usually the hardest time of day for some reason.

8:00- Bedtime!



We took you to your first baseball game recently. We watched WSU play K-State. You love anything sports related, but I think you had more fun just running around taking it all in. πŸ™‚


You love being outdoors. We are both so glad it’s warm outside!


You are communicating really well with us and saying new words everyday.


If your not sure the word to use for something you call it “this”. A lot tends to get called “this” right now. We try to correct you on what it is your referring to, sometimes it sticks..sometimes it doesn’t.

IMG_1012 IMG_1010

You still love to read books and your favorites change every few weeks or so. We tend to read the same books over and over until you move onto something new.


You and I had our first lunch date this last week. I’m not sure why we haven’t done this before! We went to Tanya’s Soup Kitchen and sat outdoors, it was fun!

IMG_1222 IMG_1241

You are a busy boy but you are also very sweet. You love to snuggle, give hugs and kisses. You will say mwaaa when you kiss! One of our favorite things you do right now is give hugs. They are BIG long lasting hugs where you will rest your head on our shoulder and pat our backs( melts my heart!). During breakfast the other morning you stopped eating about 20 times or so and just wanted to give me hugs. Breakfast took longer but no complaining here, I will gladly take hugs anytime. πŸ™‚


How blessed am I toΒ get to look down at this smiley boy who just wants to take me by the hand all day long?


IMG_7885 IMG_7860 IMG_7848 IMG_7890

IMG_7809 IMG_7812


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