Pregnancy {2} update: Weeks 27-32.

Week 27


Sleep: No real problems here! The worst part is needing to get up to use the bathroom!

Clothes: Wearing a mixture of maternity clothes and regular clothes ( usually a size bigger than pre-pregnancy). I do feel like my outfits are limited and I wear a lot of maxi skirts. They are THE BEST. Β I’ve started to outgrow t-shirts and my athletic shorts at this point too.

Mostly because they are too short… ( Noah photobomb!)


I’ve gotten to wear my maternity swimsuit a couple times (in our backyard). Trying to get a tan on this pregnant bod!


Week 28


My belly really popped out sometime these last few weeks. I feel like I have a pointy torpedo belly! I seem to be carrying different this time around. I am also told all the time how low I seem to be carrying.

I’ve been seeing a chiropractor for 6weeks or so now. I still have left side rib pain, she says they continue to pop out of place and I’ll probably fight it the rest of my pregnancy. I do think even though I don’t have complete relief it is helping maintain it and make it (usually) tolerable. She will also use acupuncture on me when I go.

Week 29 & 30

I missed pictures for a couple weeks, oops!

We are at 2 week appts now. At our 30 week appointment baby boy’s heart rate was 125! I’ve never heard of itΒ being so low. I was told it’s within the normal range and it just shows baby’s heart rate can fluctuate from active to resting and that it is actually a good thing. Thought it was crazy and worth remembering πŸ™‚

Food: At this point I feel like I am just eating whatever I want and indulging in any cravings I find necessary.


Cold things and fruit are still sounding very good and I hope to enjoy a snow cone very soon. πŸ™‚


I have been craving these delicious lemonades from Wendy’s. Regular and strawberry-both so delicious and refreshing! I’ve been getting them WAY to often.


Movement: Since I started saying this baby didn’t seem quite as active as Noah, he’s really kicked it up a notch. He’s a mover for sure and he’s been getting the hiccups. πŸ™‚ So cute.

I’m pretty sure that I have been feeling braxton hicks contractions. I think I felt them for the first time maybe around 28 weeks or so, I just didn’t know that’s what they were. They aren’t painful, just slightly uncomfortable as my belly gets very hard and tight. They don’t seem to last very long either…I never had these the first time around.

Week 31

IMG_0337 IMG_0335

I’ve never had bloody noses- I have this pregnancy though. Nothing too crazy or anything, but just something that is different from my first pregnancy.

Lately I am really feeling the extra weight I’m carrying around. Days Noah and I are out running errands- it completely wears me out. It gets difficult at times getting in and out of the car and lugging Noah around.

Week 32


32 weeks with Noah and 32 weeks with baby #2.



We got to see baby boy this week!

The sonographer said he was very active and will be able to keep up with his big brother! Β His heart rate was 149 during the sono and they said everything looked as it should. We did get to see him open his mouth and stick his tongue out- the monographer started laughing and asked ” did you see that, he is licking your placenta!” She thought it was funny, I kind of thought it was gross…haha it was still cute though to see him doing that.

Her measurements put him at 4 lbs 4 oz and a week ahead of this due date (July 29th). I also measured a week ahead on my belly this week. I have a feeling I will go early again (hopefully not 3 weeks though). I’m getting so anxious to see what happens!

I can not wait to hold this little baby in my arms!


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