Maternity {2}/Family photos 2014.

I love everything about pictures. I love the sentimental value of them and trying to capture and remember as many moments as I can. I love looking at old pictures. I love taking pictures for other people and getting ours taken. You can never have to many photos.

With that being said we had some new family and maternity photos taken ( I was 34 weeks, same as I was the last time we had them taken!). I love them!

Our photos were taken by a great friend of ours at  jloganphotography 

I will LOVE LOVE LOVE them forever 🙂

Amanda-3 Amanda-41 Amanda-40 Amanda-37 Amanda-35 Amanda-32bw Amanda-31 Amanda-30 Amanda-29 Amanda-28 Amanda-27 Amanda-26bw Amanda-24bw Amanda-23 Amanda-22 Amanda-21 Amanda-20 Amanda-19bw Amanda-18 Amanda-17 Amanda-14 Amanda-12 Amanda-10 Amanda-9 Amanda-8 Amanda-7 Amanda-5

I am getting so excited to see what our little family of 4 will look like!!


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