Pregnancy {2} Update: Weeks 33-38.

I have several weeks of updating to do! We’ve been pretty busy around here the last 6 weeks or so trying to get everything in order before baby decides to come. Our biggest project was getting Noah’s big boy room all put together, I’ll do a post on that later!

Week 33

No “bump” photo here

We did celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary this week and had some quality time working on some fun projects


Week 34


We had our family/maternity pictures taken this week!

Week 35 and 36

No pictures here…must have forgot!

I do know i’d been feeling the nesting urge quite and bit and was feeling really unprepared for baby- No clothes washed, no baby stuff had been gone through, and nothing had been bought (not that I needed much anyways). We finished Noah’s big boy bed somewhere around week 36 and so I was able to clean out the nursery and start getting some things organized. I felt so much better after!

On a not so good memory–I was out taking some family pictures for a friend and came into contact with some nasty poison ivy. I’ve never had it before, and it took about a week to show up. It is awful! I would never want it but having it at 9 months pregnant made it even more miserable. I had (and still dealing with it some 2 weeks later) a fairly severe case of it. Mostly due to the fact it was my first exposure and my body just can’t fight it off as easily right now. Each day it seems to be getting better now and I’m so thankful this little boy didn’t decide to come to early. I DID NOT want to deal with a nasty rash and a newborn!

Week 37


Left: 37 weeks baby #2

Right: 37 weeks Baby #1-the night before I went into labor


At 37 weeks I was just starting to dilate had a soft cervix and 80% effaced. I have Braxton hicks contractions that are starting to come more often than before but nothing significant and overall feeling pretty good!

Week 38

Well I have officially made it longer than I did with Noah!


My belly seems SO much bigger this week than last. It feels ginormous.

IMG_2207 IMG_2209 IMG_2210

My poison ivy still looks awful but is healing and feeling much better- Feeling ready for baby to come out!

My 38 week appt went well. I was 90% effaced and baby was very low, however I am not dilated much at all (maybe not even a 1). I still think anything can happen at any time, but trying to prepare myself that he may just be pretty cozy and not ready to come out.


3 thoughts on “Pregnancy {2} Update: Weeks 33-38.

  1. I ran across your blog and was wondering how long it took till your poison ivy went way? I am 37 weeks pregnant and have had poison ivy for 2 weeks now… 1 of the big spots looks a little better but now there are LOTS of little spots popping up all over my body. Is there anything you did to make it go away? At this point I am up for anything? Thank you!

    1. I am so sorry! That is miserable and I totally understand how awful and depressing it is to have that, that late in pregnancy. Mine did get better between 2 and 3 weeks I think. The only thing that helped give me some relief was using zanfel, it is a wash/scrub you can use. I bought it at walgreens (around $40 for a small tube). I went through three tubes, however it was worth it and the only thing that helped give some relief! Good luck and I hope it clears up soon for you!

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