Pregnancy {2} Update: Week 39+4 days.

Week 39.


Overall I am feeling good. Tired and swollen but overall no big complaints. My appt this week went well…but no big changes but my Dr. did say my cervix is starting to move where it needs to be. Still about 90% effaced and dilated to a 1ish. I felt so honored my OB gave me his personal cell number at my appt…he was not going to be on call for the coming weekend and wanted to know if I go into labor so he could try to be there to deliver (he wasn’t on call and didn’t deliver Noah). He did tell me he would be out of town on Saturday. So naturally I told baby NOT to come that day, hoping I could get my OB for delivery this time.

Spoiler Alert- He came that Saturday.

Anyways back to my last week of pregnancy.

I was feeling ready to meet this little boy who had been growing inside my belly, but I tried not to wish him out to much. Β I knew I would miss my pregnant belly when it was gone. I am so glad he decided to stay in a few weeks longer than his brother did. We had the best last few weeks with Noah and really just tried to soak in time with just him, as I knew our life would be forever changed in such a short time.

Not much else to mention so I’ll leave with the pictures I had taken that last week (+4 days).

IMG_2171 IMG_2281 IMG_2287 IMG_2327

You know it must be getting close when people don’t even ask when your due anymore they just smile and say “Any day now”?

(I had him the next day)



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