Beau’s Birth Story.

Saturday July 26th:

We woke up just like every other Saturday morning, nothing too exciting or different. Logan went out to mow and so Noah and I got ready and headed out to Target (no surprise there). πŸ˜‰ We got what we needed and just walked around wasting time. This was around 10 am or so. I started feeling some pretty uncomfortable cramping starting while we were there. We went ahead and checked out and headed back home. I wasn’t shouting out “this is labor” by any means, but I knew in my mind this was it.

We got home and Logan was still outside. Noah had been asking to “swim” all morning and I had just bought him a new pool. So we went ahead and filled up his pool so he could play. I mentioned to Logan I had been having some cramps, but didn’t make a big deal about it yet. While Noah was swimming they were becoming more intense to where I would need to lean over every time I would feel one. They felt just like they had with Noah. I knew. As Logan wasn’t paying to much attention (he was pulling weeds) I started telling him he had better hurry up and finish. We need to get some things ready to go! I had made a list of items to pack but hadn’t actually packed any bags. I chose not to because I didn’t want to live out of a bag for who knows how long and just though if I had a list that would help. After the fact a bag would have been nice to have had a little more ready to go.

We headed inside it was probably around 12 or so and Logan made Noah and I peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I went ahead and jumped in the shower and started trying to pack. I did eat my sandwich even though I didn’t have an appetite and had to stop during contractions. I knew it may be awhile before I would be able to eat again.

My contractions had become extremely intense. Quickly! This surprised me, since I walked around with contractions for 12 hours with Noah before they became intense. It had become extremely difficult to get ready and pack bags. I could accomplish one thing before I would need to stop and focus on my contraction. It really caught me off guard that only 2 hours ago my contractions started and they were already lasting 50-60 seconds with only 2-3 minutes in between. Kind of seems silly now but they were so intense I could not get comfortable. I found myself doubled over, rolling around on the floor, laying on the bed….just flopping around like a fish out of water (seriously weird right?!) trying to get some relief. Nothing helped of course, they just became more and more intense.

Logan called his parents to please head our way to take Noah. I couldn’t wait for them to get there. I somehow managed to pack up Noah and I’s bags and Noah was gone by 3:30 and we left right after. The car ride to the hospital was miserable- I sat on the floor board leaning over the seat most of the way. Finally we made it to the hospital and I think I had the longest bumpiest ride ever in a wheelchair to get to the labor and delivery floor. We got checked in and they took us back to a room where I changed and waited to get checked.

Soon after the nurse and resident came in to check me. 4 cm dilated. Contractions were pretty much non-stop at this point, with an occasional 40-60 second break maybe every 7-8 minutes and they HURT. I was hanging onto Logan’s hand pretty much the whole time making some kind of moaning noises that I’m sure didn’t sound like myself.

My OB was generous enough to give me his personal cell phone number so he could try and make it for our delivery since he was not on call over the weekend. However Saturday he would be out of town….and of course I go into labor on Saturday. So the nurse calls the on call OB and he wants me to wait 30 minutes to be checked again and make sure I’m in “real” labor and progressing. Are you freaking kidding me?! I think everyone that had been in my room knew I was in active labor. 30 minutes seemed like a lifetime. The nurse checked me in 30 minutes and I was a little more than 5 cm dilated, but my OB wanted a resident to check me also. So I waited another 30 MINUTES! I will never forgive that resident. Seriously. Finally, after being checked by the resident they agreed..Yes, she’s in labor. duh. Thankfully the anestegiologst was pretty quick about getting in there. I was terrified things were happening so fast I wouldn’t be able to get it. I didn’t even see or remember his face (until he came to check on me the next day). I was pretty nervous since I was in constant pain that he would have trouble giving it to me. It took some time but THANK GOD my epidermal was in! I still could feel my right side quite a bit though and my back labor was still pretty intense. I didn’t hesitate to push that little button to my side to give me a couple extra boosts. Eventually it did help and I could relax and feel like a normal human being again. Kudos to those women who go all natural I respect them so much. However, for me getting the epideral allows me to have an enjoyable and relaxed birth experience. Just after getting my epideral I was at a 7 and had most likely started moving into the most intense part of labor-the transitional stage.




They next few hours were great. I had no pain and could really just feel excitement knowing in a short time I would meet my sweet little baby boy that I had been carrying with me for 39 weeks and 4 days (HA!). We had some family starting to trickle in to await this little man being born. Logan and I listened to JJ Heller playlist on pandora and enjoyed these moments together. I continued to progress and before I knew it I was at a 10. They called the OB and had me start some practice pushes. Baby was still sunny side up and so we were all hoping and praying he was going to turn on his own. During a practice push his heart rate dropped so they had me stop until Dr. got there. I was later told that this was most likely when he turned on his own (YAY!). Dr. Cline, who was the OB on-call, got there and 2 pushes later (yup, only 2!) our second little baby boy was born.

Beau Ellis Banister

7lbs 2 oz Β  Β  18.5 in long Β  Β  9:07pm

Logan cut the cord and they laid him on me immediately. Such an indescribable moment seeing him for the first time. I could just stare at him for hours! We had the same rule we had with Noah-no family/visitors for our first hour together. Beau laid on my chest and he even nursed,yay! That first hour alone is so precious to Logan and I. Such a special bonding time with the newest member of our family.




IMG_2246 IMG_2251 IMG_2243 IMG_2252 IMG_2257 IMG_2258 IMG_2368

After the hour, our family slowly started coming in to meet our sweet little Beau.

IMG_2270 IMG_2268 IMG_2283 IMG_2261 IMG_2263 IMG_2278 IMG_2284 IMG_2272

IMG_2290 IMG_2228 IMG_2266

I will continue with his birth story part 2- Where Noah got to meet his new baby brother!


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