Noah is 2!

I’m not sure when and how it happened, but my baby is 2! Such a strange feeling…one way it seems like it happened so fast and another way it’s hard to believe you have only been with us for 2 years, when it feels like you’ve been with us always.


You seem like such a big boy, always busy and running everywhere…


You are really starting to talk too! Everyday I feel like you are saying new words.


Always making us laugh…



play hard, sleep hard…

IMG_2296 IMG_2129

playing in the rain…

IMG_2158 IMG_2160

and in the pool…

IMG_2070 IMG_2090 IMG_2072

You love to wear your sunglasses and hats!IMG_2061

You are the most beautiful boy I’ve ever seen… IMG_1887

Your shaggy blonde hair and big blue eyes…You hold the hearts of many.IMG_2200 IMG_2218 IMG_2229

I wish so many things for you, my sweet baby boyAmanda-33

I pray you have self-confidence Amanda-31

always use your manners..Amanda-30bw

Know how to choose right from wrong and choose your friends wisely.Amanda-29

Most of all I pray we give you all the knowledge and encouragement, that you choose to have a relationship with the Lord.


Love you my big 2 year old!


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