Beau 5 months.

Wahoo! I am caught up on Beau!

Oooooooo my sweet little lovey Beau….I do love you so! Gosh, he is such a snuggler and happy babe. We took a little break one day while playing downstairs and had an impromptu photo shoot. 🙂

It is one of my very favorite things when babies find their feet. It’s just so cute!

IMG_1599 IMG_1594 IMG_1590 IMG_1600 IMG_1633

That drool and blonde hair….things I want to remember  🙂IMG_1628 IMG_1605

And some iPhone pics too-because thats how I take most my pics 🙂


Sleep at night is still not great. Beau is waking up quite a bit, some nights are better than others. We are working on that though. We did buy a zipadeezip ( a transition swaddle). I call him my little penguin or starfish in it, haha! He really does seem to like it though.


He loves his baths! This boy can kick his legs like crazy and he loves to splash.


You jolly little boy-you have your mommas heart!IMG_4883

You are (almost) up on all fours now and can pivot yourself around quite well. I am not ready for you to be mobile yet though, so take your time little boy!

5 month stats: 14.2 lbs (8%)


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