Logan puts the boys to bed most nights. Sometimes Leo and I will sit in there with them to listen to books until I put him down. Bedtime usually goes a little something like this.

Each boy picks out a book to have dad read.

Diaper change for one and a (YOU HAVE TO GO) potty break for one.

Bedtime prayer. Everyone says a prayer request and sometimes Noah will pray. His prayers are so thoughtful and sincere.

Each boy chooses a song. It’s usually a bible song and a made up song. One always ask for BLAZE or PAW PATROL and the other a made up song about IRONMAN and BATMAN.

Kisses. Hugs.

Drinks. They are thirsty.

More Kisses and Hugs.

Now the one we MADE go potty, has to get out of bed (not kidding) 4 different times to go potty. And so then the 2 year old obviously needs to go as well.

Lots of giggling and whispers heard through the monitor.

and then finally they fall asleep. Hallelujah.

And then I look through photos from our day and all I want to do isย ย wake them up and snuggle them.



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