Lake Trip {2017}

We headed to the lake last week with Logan’s family. ย His parents have recently bought a house on the lake and this was our first time to visit..I foresee many memories at the lake! We all had a great time. The kids played, went out on the boat, tubed, fished, played games and ate lots of good food. ๐Ÿ™‚

ย IMG_4634IMG_4940IMG_4636IMG_4641IMG_4665IMG_4672IMG_4675IMG_4679IMG_4715IMG_5146IMG_4857IMG_4848IMG_4849IMG_4718IMG_4681IMG_4730IMG_4835IMG_4863IMG_4861IMG_4892IMG_4964IMG_4899IMG_4935IMG_4908IMG_4723IMG_4876IMG_4916IMG_5120IMG_5117IMG_5123IMG_5125IMG_5076IMG_5102IMG_5087IMG_5108IMG_5081IMG_5095IMG_5099IMG_5114IMG_4696IMG_4705IMG_4707IMG_4743IMG_4733IMG_4746IMG_4747IMG_4775IMG_4780IMG_4787IMG_4784IMG_4799IMG_4808IMG_4804IMG_4810IMG_5052IMG_5038IMG_4783IMG_4829IMG_4826IMG_4823IMG_4820IMG_4831IMG_4870IMG_4980IMG_4988IMG_4982IMG_5014IMG_5036IMG_5182IMG_5149IMG_5176


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