5 + 3 year check-ups

Just a short post so I don’t ever forget how chaotic my days are. I took all 3 boys to the pediatrician for the 2 big boys’ well visits. I try to avoid taking all three of them with me to the Dr. They ALWAYS end up on the floor. crawling over the table, under the table. Not just the baby–ALL OF THEM. Why must they touch everything at the dr’s office?! They NEED soap (instant hand sanitizer hanging on the wall) like umpteen billion times. Sorry Dr. Reddy we just used ALL the soap (and half of it didn’t even make it on their little hands). Jumping off of chairs-it’s nuts. OH and for anybody who is in a room semi-close to ours…that’s not a lion you hear–it’s just my three year old. He LEGIT thinks he is a real lion at times. Anyways I did manage to snap of few pics of these crazies and even through the chaos it was, these still make me smile. I know they will look back and remember these things as fun..not chaotic and stressful, as they can be for me.



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