I tend to be an emotional person. Too many feelings and too much thinking. I knew moving out of our house would be tough, mentally. However here I am a day of packing and I make my way into Noah + Beau’s room. Over the last 8 years it was first a “catch all” room, a spare bedroom, a toy room, Noah’s room , and lastly a room shared between the 2 older boys. As I get the first box packed away, all I’m left staring at are holes on an empty wall. I know these are all just “things”. The frames, the walls, the house in general…but here I am alone staring at a full box with “Noah + Beau’s room” written on it, with tears rolling down my face. I can’t mentally stare at empty walls in Leo’s room (our nursery) for another week. So that room will have to wait. This house. Our first house. The one we grew 3 babies in, brought 3 babies home to, those 3 babies had all their first year “firsts” here. I’ve loved this house. We chose every paint color, every piece of tile, I’ve watched my husband put SO much work into this house. We are all over every  little part of this house. It’s us. We’ve gone from a just the two of us to a family of 5 here. The house we will leave behind, but thankfully we will keep the memories we’ve had here. I do look forward to our future house and watching the boys grow there-just reflecting on all the life that we’ve lived in this one. Our forever first home.


I’m thankful I made this video awhile back and will cherish it forever and ever. Click the link to watch.



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