Leo’s Nursery.

When we found out we were having a third boy, updating the nursery was one thing I knew I wanted to do. All of the big items are the same, just switched out some of the decor and I think it really changed the look to more our current style.  The nursery continues to be one of my favorite rooms. You can see Noah’s nursery (the before pics) here.

I spy a little babe in his crib 🙂


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Here we are….7 months….already (insert crying emoji). It was a family affair when we gave you baby oatmeal for the first time. Your brothers were so excited for you and cheered you on. You loved it!


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Leo {6 months}.

Leo’s stats:

16.9 lbs (24%), 27.2in (62%)

You are just the happiest lil’ babe! Your content just hanging out and you love your jumparoo! I think it gets you up enough where you can watch your brothers, and they are pretty entertaining!


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Our everyday.

Our sweet and tender Noah. He is the most amazing big brother. He is such a helper and I don’t know what I’d do with out him! I love watching his connection with Leo-he is so sweet to him 🙂


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Our Everyday.

Noah was gone to school one morning when Beau and Leo were being so cute, I had to pull my camera out. I don’t have many photos of just the two of them so I am happy to have these.



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Christmas 2016.

Where do I start? This Christmas came and went so fast! It’s always a busy season but this year felt even faster than last.


Christmas morning

Christmas Eve candlelight service (Noah got to sit with us this year)

Christmas with our parents and family

Leo’s first Chritmas

Making oatmeal scotchies with Noah and Beau

Hot cocoa in the car while looking at lights (Noah yelling “Santa Claus, Snowmen!!” and laughing so hard everytime he said it. He cracks himself up, which crack us all up!

Logan made the boys a lego table and thats been a huge hit!

Singing Happy Birthday to Jesus- tradition in our house and the boys love it


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Leo {5 months}

Just a quick little purge of some photos over the last month..or two..or three. I’m not even sure anymore #thirdbaby. At least my photography has gotten better with each boy, so he has that going for him! 😉

Leo is so far our chubbiest little babe.

4 month stats:

14.5 lbs (25%), 25.2 in (45%), 16.1 head circumference (25%)


Them toes are made for kissin’ and I do. A lot.

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Leo {one month}

Not sure how it happened so fast, but here we are. One full month in of lovin’ on this sweet sweet baby boy. Somehow he seems to just fit right in with our crew, how does that happen? I had my moments of wondering what 3 kids would look like, and especially 3 BOYS. I had moments of questioning and doubt. But God knew better than I, and he knew exactly what we needed. Our perfect little Leo baby.


Those toes and those feet. Can’t get enough of them.

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