Our everyday.

So this started because I thought to myself, ” Beau has the cutest little round belly and outie belly button…I want to remember that!” So here is his cute belly (HA!) and some ornery faces I got while chasing these boys around.


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My 32nd Birthday.

I felt so loved on my birthday weekend! It started out with a date we had promised Noah. Logan and I took him out for pancakes and bowling It was so fun!


Then the best surprise ever…my bestie who lives in Texas came to spend the weekend with me! Logan sent us both to the spa that next day, which was amazing. We then stopped for tacos, of course!


My husband loves to spoil me, and he did! He planned out most of my weekend and filled it with things and people I love. He also made me my cake, which was delicious.


On Sunday my family came over for dinner to celebrate with me. Perfect ending to the weekend!!!


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Our everyday.

All these photos are sort of clumped together, but trying to get caught up!

The other day you went and pulled out your camera and started repositioning objects to take photos of them. You were so proud. So was I. 🙂



You have been learning to use scissors. You do really well!


I’d say you two get along 80% of the time. You love each other like crazy and irritated each other just the same. These sweet moments make my momma heart happy.


I’m not sure why, but I just love this photo. Actually, I know why. I’t just a photo of the mundane but a moment that I want to remember.


Logan’s parents took the older boys for a night—FREEDOM! HA! Seriously though it was so refreshing. After leisurely waking up and drinking our coffee and doing a whole lot of nothing we headed out to run a few errands. First stop- espresso to go go. A favorite of ours! Then we walked down the street to Architectural Salvage. We love doing stuff like that. Especially when we are down to only one kiddo!


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Our everyday.

Both of you boys….always trying to be like daddy. You put your pencils behind your ears and keep a tape measurer hooked onto your waist. It’s the cutest.


My little snacker here. CONSTANTLY wanting food and in the pantry and fridge. You think it’s pretty cool to eat the apple whole and you do pretty good with it!


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Our everyday.

Our sweet and tender Noah. He is the most amazing big brother. He is such a helper and I don’t know what I’d do with out him! I love watching his connection with Leo-he is so sweet to him 🙂


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Our everyday.


Coloring + Play-doh + Legos + Sweet little friends + Wrestling Lots of Wrestling.


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Our everyday.

Beau has recently loved taking showers in our shower. I love letting him because it keeps him entertained for quite awhile and he has fun. Win. Win.  🙂


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Our Everyday.

I had a photo session last weekend so Logan took the boys to get donuts and then to his office to hang out until I was done. Beau was being silly (per usual), I already had my camera, and it doesn’t hurt that Logan’s office is pretty amazing to take look at.


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Our Everyday.

I was solo parenting it one Saturday when Beau started to get a fever. He went down hill pretty quickly and was obvious he didn’t feel good. Leo wanted to be held, Noah wanted my attention and Beau needed me. So hard when one of your babies doesn’t feel well. Especially when you have more than one to take care of and love on.

So what do you do? You stick one in the bath! Beau got to take a mid-day bath in our bathtub, which was different than the norm and it perked him up a bit. Plus gave me a couple hands and some time to give the others attention.


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Our Everyday.

Noah was gone to school one morning when Beau and Leo were being so cute, I had to pull my camera out. I don’t have many photos of just the two of them so I am happy to have these.



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