Here we are….7 months….already (insert crying emoji). It was a family affair when we gave you baby oatmeal for the first time. Your brothers were so excited for you and cheered you on. You loved it!



Foodie Baby: 10 Months.

Today we are linking up with a healthy slice of life. Thanks for hosting munchkin meals!

This month we have transitioned to mostly finger foods with the addition of purees occasionally.

Breakfast is usually Noah’s favorite meal. He always finishes what I give him plus seconds!

Breakfast usuals:

Oatmeal with pureed berries or fruit and coconut milk yogurt

Toast with sunbutter and diced fruit

Doesn’t everyones breakfast taste better with your foot up?!? This goofball thinks so.


Our lunches and dinners have been more of a challenge. I struggle with what to feed him! There may be a week here or there where I may not cook as much and I am not okay with giving him everything we are eating. Anything I cook I am more than happy to share with him, but if we eat out I am not okay with sharing just yet. I know at some point I will not be able to control what he eats, but for now I want to feed him vegetarian, no dairy and organic whole foods as much as I can. This can be limiting for sure.

So we’ve had to go trial and error this month. Noah is not having just plain steamed veggies, with the exception of peas. The boy likes flavor! Can you blame him?? So anything I’ve made for Logan and I, Noah has eaten it right up! Anything simple and easy…goes from his tray straight to the floor, or he tucks it right under his bottom in his chair. Sneaky fellow he is.

Lunch and dinners (that Noah approved of) have included:



roasted carrots

roasted sweet potatoes with coconut oil and cinnamon

sweet BBQ baked beans

lentil sloppy joes with and without bread

watermelon, strawberries, blueberries, cantaloupe are all in a regular rotation

The boy could live on watermelon

IMG_0779 IMG_1053 IMG_1071

He now has the sippy cup down really well!


In a pinch we still pull out the purees too. Sometimes he will eat them well and other times he is OVER them. Seriously it all changes about every other day, which makes it hard to know what to feed him.

So he is eating 3 full meals a day and nursing every 4 hours or so.

I did start giving him green smoothies this month. That was fun! He drank it out of his sippy at first but not much. So i ended up spoon feeding the rest to him. He loved it though! I love the idea of the green smoothies because he has become much pickier since we started finger foods ( I can’t sneak the broccoli in, like I could with purees!). He picks around what he likes and doesn’t. Sooo when he fills up on watermelon and strawberries I feel better knowing I got some greens in him!

I’ve kept the recipe pretty simple for him so far:

spinach, a ripe banana, kiwi (if I have it), chai seeds, almond milk, and frozen berries.


“I mustache you…Can I have more smoothie?!”

haha..lame I know but I couldn’t help myself. πŸ™‚


Foodie Baby: 7 Months

Somebody has started loving food! I was always a little apprehensive about starting solid food. It was just the idea of venturing into something new and feeling like I didn’t know what I was doing. It’s been about a month now of consistent food prepping, making and eating. Its is so much FUN! I’m not sure why I was so nervous about it.

I decided I wanted to make all of Noah’s baby food. This is actually one of the easiest things I think I have taken on! I love it and think the whole process is a lot of fun. Since I am a self-proclaimed foodie myself I get a total high making his food. Weird, Ya I know. I just love it. From picking out his organic fruits and veggies, peeling, dicing, steaming, baking, pureeing and freezing. Then popping out those cute little cubes of food into freezer bags. I get excited just thinking about it… πŸ˜‰

I use wholesomebabyfood.com a lot. They have all the info on homemade baby food.

My Homemade baby food process:

First I peel and dice


Then I steam or bake most fruits and veggies. Iam steaming most of his fruits still, even though I may not always, just so it’s a little easier on his tummy.

Then into the blender it goes



I use these flexible ice cube trays which makes it a little easier to pop them out. I still have to work at it a little and my hands get so cold they feel like they are about to fall off

But when I do get them all out…they are the cutest little things!

IMG_3104 IMG_3105

Then I dump them all into a labeled bag (just switched to ziploc freezer bags to help with freezer burn) and in the freezer it goes!

I’ve been trying to plan ahead and put all his food for the next day into the fridge to defrost. I do reheat some in the microwave if I have to.


okay maybe it’s just me… but that is the cutest little cube of food ever.

These are about 1 oz. each.


Mommy Made, Baby Approved!