Home Remodel {fireplace}

We always knew we wanted to paint the fireplace white. Logan started by ripping off the old mantle and the brick hearth first. Β He also painted the inside of the fireplace with high-heat black paint. Then we got to priming!



Logan found an old support beam that was from a house for sale on Facebook marketplace. He snagged that up and is working on making it our new mantle. He isn’t finished with it yet, but heres a peek! I may talk him into doing a guest post here on how he refinished the mantle :). Also the fireplace still needs a coat or two of paint.



Home Remodel {trim + cabinets}

It’s always so exciting when something new gets started at the house. I was especially looking forward to the trim carpentry! I’ve always loved big pretty trim and I couldn’t wait to see ours. I’d say our style is somewhere between simple-transitional-craftsman but we are both really drawn to the mid-century modern style. We ended up choosing a flat trim, with a craftsman style around the door frames. We both felt like this style of trim would fit best in our home.

I loved watching the trim, doors and cabinets go in. It really transformed the house into looking more and more like our home!

IMG_3256IMG_3255IMG_3278 (1)IMG_3276 (1)IMG_3277

We seriously debated on ordering our entire kitchen cabinetry from IKEA and doors from semi-handmade. There are so many good blog post out there about the nice quality and great price. However in the end we ordered through a local cabinet company and even though we spent more, it was well worth it to us. We went with a white shaker look with slight detail on the inset. We found this inspiration pic (below), of the white cabinets and wood island and we loved it! So we chose a hickory island, we love how it adds some warmth into the kitchen.

Inspiration photo (below)


Our cabinets (below)

IMG_3261IMG_3287IMG_3286 (1)

Home Remodel {framing +sheetrock}

Once all the demo and ceiling was complete, it was time for framing, electrical, plumbing, insulation and sheetrock.


Seeing the sheetrock go up was a HUGE change! It was so fun to see the house begin to take its new shape and feel like a house again. I love all the new angles that were created by vaulting the ceiling. It also helped it feel so much bigger! It was a BIG job, but so worth it.

Home Remodel {exterior}

We have a lot of plans for the exterior of the house, but most of that will wait until (hopefully) sometime later this year. We did however go ahead and switch out our garage doors. We raised the center to one to fit one of our vehicles (not mine πŸ˜‰ ). I really like how the center one looks, and we couldn’t be happier with our new garage doors!





We were struggling to find a new front door for the house. Ours happens to be a larger size and most the ones we wanted were crazy expensive. So we decided to go check out a local architectural salvage place (we love to walk through!). They have TONS of doors there and we ended up finding one in the right size and we loved it! We will do a little bit of work on it to make it just how we want, but super happy we found one. We also bought some hardware for it there as well. I’ll update once we get it finished and installed to let you all know how it works out!


Home Remodel {demo 2}

I’ve been waaaaaay behind on posting here! You can read the last update, which was demo, here.

Here our some photos after most of the demo. We hadn’t taken the center wall down yet at this point.


Then we took out the center wall…that was super exciting!


We decided to vault the ceiling, so that was the next big job! We made sure it was safe with support walls and such…and then got to work! They got the ceiling down and you could already see how it was going to open it up.


We did change the layout of the house. Including taking down walls, rotating the stairs 180 degrees, opening up the master bath a bit, adding more square footage with a laundry room, and adding a pantry. We ended up taking the house down to studs and added new electrical and plumbing as well. Next up: framing.

Our new old house {demo}

Well we’d owned the house for about a DAY and walls were already coming down. I’m not surprised though, Logan doesn’t waste any time on that kind of stuff. Plus.. we were excited!

The boys and I had bought Logan aΒ #demoday shirt for Christmas, so we had to get a photo of him in it!


All of these center walls are completely down now. So crazy seeing the space so open!


The hearth on the fireplace is gone now as well. We didn’t like that it seemed like an accident waiting to happen! I’m so glad Logan took it out-it made the space feel bigger as well.

Also the boys LOVE going over to the new house. They get so excited and love running around. Soooomtimes they even help a little :).


Just last week we had the framer flip the stairs around so we can add on to our master bath (it was so small before!).


All of the ceiling insulation and sheetrock is GONE. We are vaulting the ceiling up almost 5 ft or so. I think that’s going to really make the space feel so much bigger.


AllΒ of the demo is complete…now onto the fun part. Getting it all put back together.

Our New Old House.

We bought a house!

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OK, its not super old, but older than the one we currently live in. Also bigger than the one we are in now, large yard (hello we have 3 boys), and a detach garage (made the hubs happy). Anyways we are super excited!

The house is nice and very well-kept. It needs a bit of love though. We can’t wait to make it our own.

Here’s a few before photos for ya and I’m going to add in some of our inspiration photos too. I will update the blog as we go along!


Here are some of our inspiration photos.

I don’t remember where we found these, otherwise I’d link them.

IMG_0443IMG_0447-1Screen Shot 2017-04-29 at 3.37.36 PMScreen Shot 2017-04-29 at 3.38.53 PMScreen Shot 2017-04-29 at 3.27.59 PMIMG_0503IMG_0504